How To Get Better Every Day

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

kaizen-evThere’s an old Japanese principle known as Kaizen. Translated it means continuous improvement.

That’s what life should be all about. Striving to get a little bit better in some way every day.

That could be as a father, a writer, a football player, a listener, a friend, a coach, a musician, a philanthropist, a husband, a cook, or anything you could think of really.

The goal is to eliminate the bad habits and replace them with good ones.

My good friend, Luka Hocevar is as dedicated to constant self improvement as anyone I know. Every time we speak he blows me away when I hear about his latest quest or endeavor. I strongly believe that you need to spend time with people who inspire you, motivate you and take you to that next level. For me, Luka is one of those guys.

In today’s episode of Renegade Radio we discuss how you can apply the Kaizen principle and make small changes every day to improve your productivity, relationships, speaking ability, business and life.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • Why Luka spends $4k on speakers for his gym
  • The #1 way to create a killer vibe in your gym
  • Why everyone in any service industry really needs to be an entertainer
  • The Kaizen principle
  • One phrase I truly hate
  • 3 books you have to read to improve your life
  • Why there is no value in free
  • Proximity bias and how it applies to giving and getting advice
  • Why people who pay for advice are more successful
  • Jay’s past revisits him 35 years later in email form
  • Luka recaps his trips to Africa and around the world
  • How to build a successful business starting from ground zero
  • How to market with your strengths
  • Can anyone really be anything? Or is that some “The Secret” type bullshit?
  • New music recommendations
  • A discussion on the greatest hip hop lyricists and albums of all time

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Notes From The Show

Click on the links to pick up a copy of Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, The Secret To Success and Greatness by Eric Thomas and Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

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