Vote For The Winner of Our Latest 60 Day Fat Loss Contest

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

We recently wrapped up our 60 day fat loss contest in the Renegade Strength Club. All of these guys followed the Battle Ground workout (an RSC Exclusive) and used the Renegade Diet.

There were a lot of great submissions. But we’ve gone through the after pics and, after an initial round of pre-judging, have narrowed it down to the final four.

Now it’s up to you vote for the grand prize winner.

What’s up for grabs, you ask?

An ALL EXPENSES PAID beach vacation to Santa Monica, California where the winner will hang and train with me for the weekend.

Remember that the contest period was only SIXTY days. That makes what these guys did quite impressive.

So don’t take your vote lightly… There’s a lot at stake here.

Voting has now ended. Thank you for your participation.


Andrew Vaught


Chris Yozwiak


Christian Blysma


Jason Loomis

Voting has now ended. Thank you for your participation.

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