An Open Letter To Your Excuses

When the average 30-40 year old guy like you decides to get in shape, the first thing you think of are thousands of reasons why you can’t do it. How can I stick to my diet while maintaining a social life? Am I supposed to never go out and have a drink again? What am I supposed to do on holidays or birthdays? I can’t just say no to my daughter when she bakes a cake for the family. It would crush her.  My family isn’t on board with this lifestyle. I’m doomed to fail, so… continue reading.

Why I Decided to Give Up $150k This Year

I woke up one morning last November and something felt different. It was later than my normal rising time. The sun was already shining. I didn’t hit the ground running like I always do. I wasn’t amped out of my mind and busting with excitement to get to work and dominate everything in my path. It was a feeling I wasn’t used to. I knew it was time to check myself. Where was the passion? Where was the hustle? Where was Jay?! What the hell happened? After some deep thought and introspection I discovered that I was lying. Lying to… continue reading.

What’s Your Story? (Hint: It’s Probably Holding You Back)

Everyday, thousands of thoughts bounce around your head.  Dictating your moment-to-moment emotions, the thoughts that stick in your mind will shape that story and dictate your actions. What story are you telling yourself? For most of you, it’s one that’s holding you back. You’re letting your own thoughts stifle your progress. “I’m just not the type of person that will ever get ripped.” “I’m so tired today, my workout will suck. I’m just gonna take it easy.” “This week is crazy, I know… continue reading.

Who Wants to be Our Next California Beach Vacation Winner?

We do transformation contests in The Renegade Strength every year. The way it works is simple. You take a before pic and send it to us. Then you take an after pic and do the same. People vote. I fly the winner to Santa Monica and put them up at a nice hotel near the beach. Here’s recap from our last winner… Cali Beach Trip Recap by Josh McManus I got to spend a weekend meeting Jay a few weeks back. Just thought I’d give a little recap of how it all went.

 I got to Santa Monica on Thursday… continue reading.

Featured Member – Jeff Kushmerek

Jeff “Koosh” Kushmerek is a living legend inside the RSC. He’s like Norm from Cheers. Everyone knows his name. To join Jeff and hundreds of others, click HERE to join the Renegade Strength Club. Give us a little background on your training history, what brought you to the RSC in the first place, and how you’ve changed since you joined. I started lifting in 1988. My brother’s roommate from college lived with us that summer. He was a RB for UColorado. We did 21’s and I couldn’t move my arms for 2 days. I was doing workouts from the magazines… continue reading.

Real talk

If you’re ever scrolling through Instagram and you see a fitness model hashtag #RealTalk… Immediately un-follow that person. Unless you wanna read a 7,000-word diatribe about how they don’t always have visible abs. The comments are always about how brave they are. I’m guessing veterans who lost limbs in battle might disagree. We’ve really lowered the standards on bravery, huh? Somehow defending your nation, volunteering in war torn countries, and battling cancer are now on par with posting a pic of your belly spilling over the top… continue reading.

Do You Have to Train Heavy?

Frank K. is a 48-year-old guy who messaged me about Thursday’s email. He told me that he had some nagging injuries from his years playing football. Because of that, he couldn’t lift heavy if he wanted to. I told him I didn’t want him to. When I say you have to get stronger people often misconstrue what I mean. I don’t intend for you train like a powerlifter. The last thing I would recommend is ultra-heavy low rep sets. Especially a workout full of them, like some of the popular… continue reading.

How Jeremy Gained 55 Pounds & Built a 7-Figure Business

My name is Jeremy, and I’ve been following Jay’s stuff since picking up Muscle Gaining Secrets in 2008. I was a skinny fucker (weighed about 110 at 5′ 9″) throughout school, and because of it, I was extremely timid and shy. I’m not going to say I was bullied, but I was definitely pushed around a lot and didn’t do anything about it. Lack of size lead to lack of confidence, and it was holding me back immensely. During the years of 2009-2010, that changed. I followed MGS religiously, and was able to go from 110 to about… continue reading.

Ya Gotta Let It Go

I can’t remember exactly when I stopped living in the past. But I do know that its effect on my life was profound. I used to sit around and reminisce all the time. Get sad and depressed. Even wish I could go back. I used to be crushed when things ended. Or when I moved out of a house/apartment full of great memories. I had an incredibly hard time giving things away because I couldn’t let go. Of anything… “How awesome was that when?” “I really miss those times.” “Man, I’d give anything to go back to college.” “I… continue reading.

Free Yourself

An RSC Exclusive Report – Sign up HERE to become a member today. Free Yourself – By RSC Asst Coach Jack Penner Why’d you get into training? To look better? To gain confidence? At your core, whether you think you wanted muscle, chicks, veins, or all of the above, you really just wanted to live a better life. You wanted the inherent quality that comes with a better life: Freedom. Freedom to pursue your passions Freedom to participate in whatever activities you want. Freedom… continue reading.

“It’s Too Hard”

I always figured the harder ya work, the better your results. And that works incredibly well with strength training… for about 6-8 weeks. Then you’re fried. Overtrained. Joints are aching. Sleep goes to shit. You’re tired but wired. Anxious. Irritable. In a bad mood. Sex drive drops. Can’t get stronger anymore. Weights feel heavy as f*ck. Why does that always happen? Because the body ain’t designed for that kind of pummeling on a regular basis. No sports practices are conducted with such balls to the wall intensity.  You always leave… continue reading.

The Rock Says…

When reading about training it’s easy to get confused. So lemme simplify it. Progressive overload will always be king. Period. The end. Every other factor like volume, rest periods, etc. is finite. You can do more sets but only up to a point. You can reduce rest periods but where do you go when you’re at zero? The only thing that matters is this- are you making strength gains? “But what about guys like The Rock? I see him doing incline dumbbell presses with no more… continue reading.

Renegade Success Story: Michael O’Neill

A few weeks ago, Michael O’Neill emailed me to share his success. Today I wanted to share it with you guys. For the last twelve weeks, he has followed MGS 2.0 and The Renegade Diet to the letter. I love hearing success stories like this. Here’s what Mike had to say: “Good afternoon, Wanted to give a positive testimonial for Muscle Gaining secrets 2.0 and Renegade Diet. 12 week progress, weight remained same, BF loss 7%, neck +.5″, shoulders +1.5″, chest +1.5″, waist -1.5″, thigh +2″, bicep +2″ All PB’s out the window. Best routine I’ve ever had the pleasure… continue reading.

Featured Member – Herb Hernandez

The Renegade Strength Club is a group of genuinely great people who are all rooting for you to succeed. No one embodies this more than Herb Hernandez. He is consistently the first person to offer advice or lend a hand. To join Herb and hundreds of others in the Renegade Strength Club, click HERE. Give us a little background on your training history, what brought you to the RSC in the first place, and how you’ve changed since you joined. The past 20 years for me has always been the ups and down in training, Jason has written about this… continue reading.

Is That Really Essential?

To simplify your life, increase your productivity and getter better results from your training you should always ask that question. Before you do anything. Before you start a project. Before you agree to something. Before you buy a little knick-knack to put on your desk or waste time reading some style magazine. Before you do another set of that isolation exercise. Before you log into Facebook to see where your friends took a dump today. This is the entire point of the outstanding book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown. McKeown says that before making any decision to do something, … continue reading.