Real talk

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If you’re ever scrolling through Instagram and you see a fitness model hashtag #RealTalk…

Immediately un-follow that person.

Unless you wanna read a 7,000-word diatribe about how they don’t always have visible abs.

The comments are always about how brave they are. I’m guessing veterans who lost limbs in battle might disagree. We’ve really lowered the standards on bravery, huh?

Somehow defending your nation, volunteering in war torn countries, and battling cancer are now on par with posting a pic of your belly spilling over the top of your shorts.


Anyway, here is some REAL #RealTalk…

You can do all the circus acts you want in the gym. You can try all the newest equipment and gimmicks. You can do circuits that have you running laps around the building between exercises. You can flail away on the chin up bar and say you did 50 reps. And do burpees til the cows come home.

But it doesn’t matter.

If you’re not getting stronger on big, compound exercises you’re not making progress. You’re wasting your time.

Getting results comes down to that. Setting new PR’s (personal records) is what counts.

“Yeah, but I wanna lose fat,” you say.

Cool. Nothing changes with your workouts. You don’t up the reps or cut rest periods.

Just add in some sprints (sled, hill, bike) a few days per week. And track your carb and fat intake.

That’s all it takes.


But not easy.

I have the plan for you at:

You have to do the work.

Train hard,

Jay Ferruggia

Renegade Strength Coach