Who Wants to be Our Next California Beach Vacation Winner?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

IMG_2280We do transformation contests in The Renegade Strength every year.

The way it works is simple.

You take a before pic and send it to us.

Then you take an after pic and do the same.

People vote.

I fly the winner to Santa Monica and put them up at a nice hotel near the beach.

Here’s recap from our last winner…

Cali Beach Trip Recap by Josh McManus

I got to spend a weekend meeting Jay a few weeks back.

Just thought I’d give a little recap of how it all went.

 I got to Santa Monica on Thursday April 3.  Jay put us up at the Wyndham Hotel which is right near the Pier on the water. Amazing location and very good accommodation.

We took it easy that night as the plan was to meet Jay on Friday and train.

 At noon on the Friday we met Jay and Andrew E at a cafe called Dogtown Coffee.

This was almost a surreal experience. We ordered coffee and basically just hung out and talked for about an hour. For those who have not met Jay, he is pretty much a rock-star. He has a real presence and confidence about him.

The coffee and chat together was a great start to the weekend. Jay then drove us to one of the gyms that he works out at.

Training Heavy & Eating Big

Was a really good session, highlighted by a female personal trainer with the best ass I’ve seen all year, as well as Adam Bornstein quietly working out next to us.

Jay then dropped us back to our hotel and arrangements were made for dinner. 

Early that evening we met up with Jay, Jen, Andrew E, Adam Bornstein and Ben Bruno for dinner. It was an amazing meal and excellent company.

The name of the place escapes me for now, but it was a new joint with a great atmosphere. Seafood was the specialty and so we smashed plenty of food. Jay does not play around when it comes to food. I nearly threw up twice because of him making me eat so much throughout the weekend. After a very enjoyable meal we went to a small bar for a few drinks then called it a night.

The following day Jay and Andrew picked us up after lunch and we drove down to the beach for some training. We ended up doing a strongman session in the parking lot right on the beach. Was one of the best workouts I have done.

We then walked up to Areal where Jen was waiting for us. We had a late lunch, along with a bourbon cocktail infused with a slice of bacon. Jay then led us on a massive walk to find gluten-free, sugar-free desserts.

We walked for a good amount of time and found the two places Jay was looking for. Chocolate brownies, banana bread, tiramisu, key lime pie and macadamia nut balls were just a few of the things we ordered.

Andrew V and I were both smoked from food at that point. We then followed this up with about 90 minutes of throwing the football on the beach. This was one of my highlights of the trip. The four of us ran routs, played coverage, punted the football and talked shit. It was a blast. I even let Jay beat me in a 20 yard dash for all he did for us.

Later that evening we met up again for dinner with Jay, Jen and Andrew E at Chaya Venice. Food-wise, this was the best place we went to. We ordered and ate so much food. It was the closest I have been to throwing up at a restaurant.

The quality of the food was as good as I have eaten. Jay just kept ordering more sides and making us try each of them. Was a perfect end to the weekend in Santa Monica.

After the big day we had, nobody was feeling up to partying, so we all happily said our goodbyes and parted ways.

The following morning both Andrew E and Andrew V flew home.

The Highlight of the Trip

I was not scheduled to fly home for a few days so I was just taking it easy when Jay contacted me and asked if I wanted to watch Wrestlemania 30 with him. This was easily the highlight of the entire trip.

I have followed wrestling since I was about 5 years old and am still obsessed with it today. I got to go up to Jay and Jen’s penthouse apartment overlooking the ocean and watch Wrestlemania 30 with them.

The pay-per-view turned out to be phenomenal. Jay and I were on the edge of our seats the entire 5 hours. Jen was making us gluten-free pizzas and we smashed 3 of them.

I will forever be grateful for Jay and Jen having me over to their place and making me feel so welcome. It is something I won’t ever forget.

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