The Rock Says…

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

When reading about training it’s easy to get confused.

So lemme simplify it.

Progressive overload will always be king.

Period. The end.

Every other factor like volume, rest periods, etc. is finite. You can do more sets but only up to a point. You can reduce rest periods but where do you go when you’re at zero?

The only thing that matters is this- are you making strength gains?

“But what about guys like The Rock? I see him doing incline dumbbell presses with no more than 90 pounds and you’re telling me I have to go from my current 60’s up to 100’s if I want to get jacked?”

To borrow a line from the man himself, “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE ROCK DOES!” The Rock was 225 as a sophomore in high school. He’s a genetic freak.

As a drug free, genetically average or below average dude who works and has a life, the only thing you need to focus on is making massive strength gains.


That means you can’t be satisfied going up ten pounds per year on a lift. Unless you’re as strong as Derek Poundstone that ain’t gonna cut it. I want to see gains of 25-50 pounds on big lifts. If you’re a newbie, a gain of 60-80, or even 100 pounds wouldn’t be unrealistic.

Any jacked guy you see walking around got there by training balls heavy on big, compound exercises.

Not by pumping light weights.  Even if that’s what they’re doing now.

Some people will never be convinced that adding 30% more weight to your current best lifts is the key. That’s hard work. The meek fear hard work. So they’ll do lots of circuits and supersets and get a big pump. That’s easier.

Lemme know how that works out in five years.

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Jay Ferruggia