Lift Weights

The Way of Men with Jack Donovan: How to be Strong in Every Way

It seems that no one really knows what masculinity is anymore.   Many want to do away with or downplay the concept. They want us to be weak and soft, coddled and handed a participation trophy. You can put it on the shelf right next to your balls.   But Jack Donovan ain’t goin’ out like that. He’s on a mission to help us adhere to our primal instincts. He is the author of The Way of Men, which has been called a “complete roadmap to masculinity,” and “the best book on masculinity since Fight Club.”   While I didn’t… continue reading.

Lift More Weight with This 5 Minute Trick

Before you start lifting heavy weights there are a few things you need to do. I like a pre-workout cup of coffee and if it’s early in the morning, a hot shower before. When you get to the gym you have to warm up. I often assume everyone knows that by now, but I’m reminded otherwise every time I’m in a public training facility. Raising your core temperature by doing 5-7 minutes of some light cardio can be a great idea. Then you hit your soft tissue work,… continue reading.

The Rock Says…

When reading about training it’s easy to get confused. So lemme simplify it. Progressive overload will always be king. Period. The end. Every other factor like volume, rest periods, etc. is finite. You can do more sets but only up to a point. You can reduce rest periods but where do you go when you’re at zero? The only thing that matters is this- are you making strength gains? “But what about guys like The Rock? I see him doing incline dumbbell presses with no more… continue reading.

My #1 Most Bestest, Baddest Training Secret Ever!?

“Everybody’s doing something. We’ll do nothing!” If I told you that I’ve got a secret that will help you stay healthier and make far better strength gains this year than any year ever before would you be interested? Yes? Okay, here it is… Do nothing. Don’t lift weights. Don’t do bodyweight stuff. Don’t run sprints. Just do nothing. For a month. Now before you all get to thinking I’ve lost my mind (which happened many moons ago) let me explain. First of all, what I’m going to tell you doesn’t apply unless you’ve been training properly for at least three… continue reading.