Lift More Weight with This 5 Minute Trick

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Before you start lifting heavy weights there are a few things you need to do.

I like a pre-workout cup of coffee and if it’s early in the morning, a hot shower before.

When you get to the gym you have to warm up.

I often assume everyone knows that by now, but I’m reminded otherwise every time I’m in a public training facility.

Raising your core temperature by doing 5-7 minutes of some light cardio can be a great idea.

Then you hit your soft tissue work, mobility, and activation drills.

Now you’re ready to train, right?

Not quite.

Before you get into your strength training you can do something to fire up your central nervous system. Doing this will improve your performance. It will help you tap into a higher threshold, fast twitch muscle fibers.

And it’s incredibly simple and only takes about five minutes.

All you have to do is a few sets of jumps or medicine ball throws. Something like three sets of five is perfect. Rest a minute or two between sets.

That’s all it will take to dramatically improve your performance throughout your entire workout.

Give it a shot and keep me posted.

Be relentless,

Jay Ferruggia

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