An Open Letter To Your Excuses

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

When the average 30-40 year old guy like you decides to get in shape, the first thing you think of are thousands of reasons why you can’t do it.

  • How can I stick to my diet while maintaining a social life? Am I supposed to never go out and have a drink again?
  • What am I supposed to do on holidays or birthdays? I can’t just say no to my daughter when she bakes a cake for the family. It would crush her. 
  • My family isn’t on board with this lifestyle. I’m doomed to fail, so why even start?
  • I just don’t like healthy food and vegetables get so boring. I can’t do this.

Tricks. These excuses are just tricks your mind plays, trying make you settle for short-term comfort at the expense of long term success. 

Some people will never have the ability to make progress because they refuse to even consider making change.

But that’s not you. You clearly have the drive and desire to transform yourself, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

So, with that in mind, the next time your mind makes any of these excuses, you will know what you must tell yourself.

Excuse #1: I’m not going to try to stick to a nutrition plan because I have to go to celebrations and social events where I will have some drinks or dessert.

Your answer: There are thousands of ripped, strong, confident men on this earth who knock back a few drinks, eat some desserts, and kick their heels up now and again.

Why can’t you be one of them? The only person saying you have to live the life of a fitness hermit…is you.

No one is saying you have to tell your daughter that her brownies don’t align with your desire to have a six pack.

And no one is telling you that you can’t consume alcohol again until you die.

That’s not realistic and all it does it give you an excuse to stay exactly where you are.

You know that change is uncomfortable and excuses are easier, but is that the kind of man you are?

Excuse #2: I just love to eat. I might as well have some of this pizza, enjoy a free day, and start over tomorrow.

Your answer:  Remember, your results are a product of your choices.

If you want to sit there and say, “I just love to eat” then you will never get results because you aren’t accepting the fact that:

1. So does everyone, even people in great shape.

2. That’s not a real road block. No one is forcing you to have 5 drinks, or 3 desserts, or a loaded baked potato AND the rest of your daughter’s pasta when you go to dinner.

You’re making those decisions.

You’re choosing to satisfy the urge of “I love to eat” at the expense of “I want to be jacked.”

You’re telling yourself you have to be perfect, and that anything less is worthless.

But you have to focus on making good decisions, not perfect ones. Having a piece of cake is not a bad thing. Neither is having a drink. When you do that, you don’t “ruin your diet.” You just ate some cake or drank some alcohol.

So many people get obsessed with being perfect. When they can’t, they say “F*ck it” and throw any sense of discipline to the wind.

But that’s not you.

You resist temptations. You don’t justify being a glutton. You see the bigger picture and understand the process of seeking long-term success.

There is no “on the wagon” and “off the wagon” for you. This is a lifelong commitment. Not something you do 5 days per week.

You will always be making decisions that take you further from or closer to the man you want to become.  Some will be good, some will be worse, but the more good ones you make, the more results you will see.

Thinking you HAVE to always be perfect is not realistic and its counter productive to your goals.

When you obsess about keeping things perfect all the time, you get in your way. Stop getting in your own way and making excuses.

Excuse #3: All of my buddies like to drink and eat pizza or wings. It sucks being “the healthy guy” they make fun of.

Your answer: You have to stop caring what they think.Do you really want their validation? Do you really need it?

If anything, those guys don’t want you to prioritize your own health and fitness because it will remind them that their’s just keeps slipping.

Remember, you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Are your top 5 making you better? If not, It may be time to reassess.

Life’s too short to let negativity seep into your life.

Excuse #4: I don’t want to sacrifice family pizza or ice cream nights, and I’ll have to do that to get in shape.

Your answer: No. No, you won’t.

You can have pizza with the family, or take your kids out for ice cream. That’s a good, healthy thing to do. You just have to be honest with yourself and know what’s “good enough” to accomplish the goal of enjoying life.

If you need a pint of ice cream and a whole pizza to enjoy that situation, then you have bigger issues.

But, you know that if you really get honest with yourself, you don’t NEED any of that to enjoy those moments with the people you love.

You may WANT to eat all that. But the people who get results recognize that sacrifices are part of the process.

And you are one of those people.

Excuse #6: I don’t like vegetables, so eating healthy is going to be miserable, and I won’t be able to do it.

Your answer: Come on. You’re an adult. There are ways to cook them to make them taste better.

And no one ever really says, ”You know what sounds great? A bowl of broccoli.” But they do it, because they know its good for them.

And so will you.

You don’t say, “Man, I really want to bring myself to the verge of vomiting with some sled sprints.” But you do it, because that’s what it takes.

No one said it was easy, but it’s absolutely doable if you clear the excuses from your mind and get honest with yourself.

“Rule your mind or it will rule you” – Horace

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