Featured Member – Jeff Kushmerek

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


Jeff “Koosh” Kushmerek is a living legend inside the RSC. He’s like Norm from Cheers. Everyone knows his name. To join Jeff and hundreds of others, click HERE to join the Renegade Strength Club.

Give us a little background on your training history, what brought you to the RSC in the first place, and how you’ve changed since you joined.

I started lifting in 1988. My brother’s roommate from college lived with us that summer. He was a RB for UColorado. We did 21’s and I couldn’t move my arms for 2 days. I was doing workouts from the magazines for years. In college, I played lacrosse. They gave me a handout with my program, which was..bodypart splits!

I also played alot of hoop. The combo of benching 300+ pounds for too many years led me to have surgery on 1 labrum, and then a few years later on the others. Once those were healed, I was looking for a program to get me back in hoops shape. I was listening to the Fitcast, and a sexy baritone voice was pimpin Triple Threat Muscle. I haven’t turned back.

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