Featured Member – Herb Hernandez

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

HerbertHernandez-199x300The Renegade Strength Club is a group of genuinely great people who are all rooting for you to succeed. No one embodies this more than Herb Hernandez. He is consistently the first person to offer advice or lend a hand. To join Herb and hundreds of others in the Renegade Strength Club, click HERE.

Give us a little background on your training history, what brought you to the RSC in the first place, and how you’ve changed since you joined.
The past 20 years for me has always been the ups and down in training, Jason has written about this before and that describes my previous training to the letter. I had the drive, but not the skills for lifting, and when I didn’t see immediate results, I would stop or never push myself to do more.

I have always thought that there has to be a better way, I want the muscle, but at the same time I wanted to be super fit as well. From my own experience, I never found that in the training programs I searched for, until I happened to read the 4 hour body. The book mentioned Jason and I quickly searched for him. When I read about MSG 2.0 it hit me like a sledge hammer, I finally found someone who had the same beliefs as me, large muscle without conditioning is a waste and a joke. I was immediately hooked and I have not looked back for the past 2 years.

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