You’ve Only Got Six Months to Live

People hear that statement every day from doctors around the world. And in an instant their entire life changes. They realize what’s important and what’s nonsense. They suddenly regret all the time they wasted on pettiness or trivial bullshit. They regret not taking the time to do all the things they’d promised themselves they’d do, the skills they wanted to develop, the places they wanted to see, the people they wanted to help. A lot of people go to holistic healers at times like these and they’re advised to stop doing all of the stuff that they hate doing and… continue reading.

The Best Workouts in 20+ Years

I just got a great message from a Renegade trainee: “Your workouts are my favorite form of training I’ve ever done in 20+ years. I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life and never enjoyed training more than I do right now.” – Optimized You (on IG) My inboxes are always flooded with messages like this. But I never tire of the feedback. It fuels to keep going, to keep leading more people toward the light. I love getting people off the merry-go-round of bad training programs and… continue reading.

Get Lucky Last Night?

When I was growing up you had to put in work to get a girl. You couldn’t just go to the club and stand there like lummox. You actually had to know how to dance. Needed some moves. So you’d be in there doin your little two step, smiling and having fun. Waiting but not creeping. Once you got the eye contact you’d wait just the right amount of time… and then you might start dancing with her. But at an appropriate, safe distance. Ya didn’t just go mount her… continue reading.

Top 10 Pantera Songs To Train To

Guest Post By Mark Crook No band affected and influenced the metal world more than Pantera during the early to mid 1990’s. With the first note of their 1990 release, Cowboys From Hell, Pantera hammered the final nail into the coffin of the once thriving hair metal scene (thank God!) and ignored the alternative rock/ grunge explosion.  I know our own Jason Ferruggia is arguably the biggest Pearl Jam fan on the planet and I’m sure many reading this are as well and are about to curse me out but that whole “Seattle Scene” era just didn’t excite me (except… continue reading.

Renegade Success Story: Kevin Cassidy

Guest Post By Renegade Inner Circle Member Kevin Cassidy I was lost. For seven years of my life I was living in chaos, pollution of my body, and destruction of my mind. My life was in a downward spiral leading to my bottom. I started off with the world in my hands, and became willing to give it all away for another drink. I have been involved in athletics my entire life. I grew up playing football, roller hockey, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer with my friends. When I grew older my love for the game… continue reading.

Better Than Ever at 40?

Every time I log into the Renegade Strength Club I get inspired. There’s always something that makes me smile. Sometimes it’s the new found confidence guys have after they’ve started the program. Other times it’s seeing their transformations or hearing about their incredible strength gains and new PR’s. But being over 40 with a long history of injuries, one thing I really appreciate is hearing about guys who finally found a pain free way to train. “I have trained Renegade style for probably close to 6 years now… continue reading.

From a Skinny Fat Weakling to Jacked and Strong

Renegade Strength Club member, Michael Hodge sent us this message recently: *** My name is Michael Hodge, and I have been a member of the Renegade Strength Club for over 5 years. In October of 2011 I was weak and skinny fat, and I could not, for the life of me, figure out a way to break through my “plateau.” After finding Jason, I discovered that there was no plateau, and I was, in fact, just training the wrong way. Since I had seemingly tried everything else, I figured I… continue reading.

A Simple Way to Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

One of our primary reasons for being is to give back. To help out those less fortunate and leave the world a better place. We can do this by donating time, talent or treasure. With some smart planning many of us can figure out how to donate time or talent. The last one is what many of us get stuck with. “How can I donate treasure (money) if I don’t have that much myself? I thought I was supposed to save my money? How will I pay my bills?” I used to struggle with the same questions myself for years. continue reading.

Top 10 Slayer Songs to Train To

Guest Post by Mark Crook It was June 28, 1991 and I witnessed what was probably the most memorable “metal” moment of my life. I was standing with my brother about 10 rows back center stage in Madison Square Garden during the “Clash of the Titans” tour and there was an evil sounding chant blasting through the arena…. “join us, join us, join us”… but in reverse. It got louder and louder and concluded with a demonic shout of “Welcome Back!” followed by a crashing of drums and guitars with a blast of red light and smoke filling the entire… continue reading.

My Path Down The Iron Trail

Guest Post by Renegade Inner Circle Assistant Coach – Kyle Matthews I grew up painfully shy and can remember being self-conscious for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing sports year around. I played football, baseball, and basketball from the earliest age possible until I got to high school. I was always active. I also never excelled at any of those sports. I hadn’t developed the competitive spirit yet and my shy nature killed any aggression that I could have used to my benefit. Until I started pop warner football, that is. I loved football. continue reading.

Don’t End up Like This Douchebag

I was sitting in the downstairs lounge at Southern Hospitality in New York City Saturday night having a great conversation with Nate Green about life, productivity and happiness when Mike Geary wandered over. He wanted to discuss The Renegade Diet and get some more details about it. I broke it down for about a minute or two before one of the top twenty most annoying human beings on the planet made his way into the conversation. He told me had some type of hypnosis business and then started spewing out one excuse after another for his… continue reading.

5 Things About Training I Had To Learn The Hard Way

Guest Post From Renegade Inner Circle Coach, Sean Hyson 1) Periodization is Overrated Unless you’re an athlete with a firm schedule of competitions and a clear off-season, pre-season, and peak-season, you’re better off not planning your training too far into the future. Pick a variety of exercises that you want to get strong on or need to bring up weak points, find the appropriate rep ranges to work them in, and cycle through them. Allow yourself to adjust workouts based on how you feel on a particular day. Arnold and the other bodybuilders of yesteryear who never read a… continue reading.

Top 10 Anthrax Songs To Train To

Guest Post by Mark Crook You like “metal” music”?! Really?! But you have short gray hair, wear glasses, you’re middle-aged, you wear a suit, work a corporate job, no tattoos, drink good wine… no way!! I’ve heard this far too often and I’m sure many of you have as well. According to society, we should’ve outgrown this music by our late twenties and calmed down listening to nothing heavier than Tom Petty (I like Tom Petty, by the way, but everything has its place). I don’t care what anyone says… a gym can be playing rock or hip hop or rap… continue reading.

Back to the Future: Learning From Mistakes of the Past

Guest post by Renegade Inner Circle Coach, Keith Scott When I was in high school I was a 3 sport athlete. I trained all year around for football, wrestling and baseball. There was never a month that I wasn’t in the gym, on the field, on the mat, or somewhere doing what I thought would make me the best. I had ZERO idea what I was doing, but I did stuff anyway. I would spend my weekends jumping off of my picnic table in my backyard. Why? Because someone once mentioned how great plyometrics were. What… continue reading.

Renegade Success Story: Greg Hudson

Guest Post by Greg Hudson. I’ve been following The Renegade Diet for 6 weeks now. I’ve been training for around 8 years and the gains have been steady and minimal. My diet has obviously been the limiting factor. I lost 6kg of fat in 6 weeks (I’m sure body fat % has dropped and lean muscle mass increased but I wasn’t measuring it), but have had some great muscle/strength gains it would seem as well as fat loss. I’ve gone from 76.5kg to 70.5kg in 6 weeks. I went from doing 20kg weighted dips and chin-ups to doing… continue reading.