The Best Workouts in 20+ Years

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I just got a great message from a Renegade trainee:

“Your workouts are my favorite form of training I’ve ever done in 20+ years. I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life and never enjoyed training more than I do right now.”

– Optimized You (on IG)

My inboxes are always flooded with messages like this. But I never tire of the feedback.

It fuels to keep going, to keep leading more people toward the light. I love getting people off the merry-go-round of bad training programs and injuries.

Ya know why the workouts I design are better than anything people have done in 20+ years?

‘Cuz I’ve worked with thousands of clients. I’ve been obsessing over this stuff every day since the summer of 1994. My programming is battled tested, both with average Joe’s and elite athletes. I’ve tried everything there is. Every system, split, frequency, exercise, you name it.

Remember the famous Michael Jordan quote about missing 9000 shots? Well, I’ve had more than my share of failed experiments.

When I read new studies or heard about something that sounded intriguing I’d always consider it my job to give it a fair 90-day test run.

More often than not most of it would suck. But I could usually gleam one small tidbit and add it to the Renegade system.

Test, tweak, get feedback, refine.

And that’s how it became so damn powerful and effective.

Experience my dark magic for yourself:

Jay Ferruggia

Transformation Specialist