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Follow the Leader

Here’s a quick way for coaches and trainers to get more out of their athletes and instantly earn their respect. Train with them. It’s that simple. Of course, you can’t do this all the time but once in a while, even if it’s a very rare occasion you should jump in on a workout to show them that you practice what you preach and lead from the front. Athletes will always respect a coach more if he is willing to suffer with them. My advice would be to join in on a grueling conditioning day. Because, let’s face… continue reading.

Don’t Hate, Just Hustle

Snooki’s on the cover of this weeks Rolling Stone and people are pissed. Hell, I’m pissed. As a diehard music fan I seriously question their decision to slap millions of hard working starving artists in the face with this move. Young musicians grow up dreaming of one day making the cover of Rolling Stone and following in the footsteps of Lennon, Dylan, Hendrix, Jagger and … Snooki. As a music fan I don’t see how you couldn’t be at least slightly offended by this move. But you don’t have to hate Snooki. The general perception is that this girl… continue reading.

No Excuses, No Limits

“I’m getting old.” “I can’t do the things I used to.” “I’m over the hill.” “I can’t train heavy anymore.” “I can’t keep up with the twenty somethings anymore.” “I’m starting to feel my age.” “I’m too old for that.” If you’re under the age of 40 and have been heard saying things like that you should be ashamed and embarrassed. Ray Lewis just finished another season as one of the absolute best defensive players in the NFL and doesn’t seem to have lost a step. He’s 36. So is Donald Driver who is still an outstanding wide receiver and… continue reading.

5 Training Partners, 5 Lessons

Remember the movie, Face Off, where someone removed Nicolas Cage’s face and switched it with John Travolta’s? Well, if you only knew me outside of the gym and then walked in when I was training you would probably swear that had to have happened. The guy who is almost always laughing, cracking jokes and quoting Seinfeld is long gone. I’m angry, laser focused and don’t really see the humor in much. Not because I’m not enjoying myself or because I want to be a dick to those around me, but because I’m very serious about my training… continue reading.

My Trip to Renegade Gym by Grant Douglas

Guest post by Grant Douglas from Australia, taken from the Renegade Strength Club. My girlfriend and myself had been planning a holiday in the US for the end of 2010 to spend Christmas/New Years in New York and then move on to Washington D.C., Colorado and Vegas. I have been following Jason’s writing/programs now for about 3 years and once we had decided we were going to be in New York for 10 days, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to make the pilgrimage and train at Renegade Gym in New Jersey. The original… continue reading.

39 Ways to Not be Like Everyone Else

How do you start your day each morning? Do you angrily smash the alarm clock and roll out of bed exhausted, dreading another day doing what you hate? Or do you spring up fresh and well rested because you went to sleep before 11pm like you know you should, and get excited to tackle another day doing what you love? What about your workout regimen? Do you do focus on big compound lifts, bodyweight exercises, strongman training or do you take the easy way out? Do you keep a detailed log book and track your progress week after… continue reading.

12 Ways to be a Better Trainer or Strength Coach

1) Always Start Too Easy Whenever you have a new client always start them out with easy exercises and light weights. If you do group training have them do the easiest progression of whatever the rest of the more advanced members of the group are doing. Any nitwit can create a hard workout. That doesn’t make it effective, though. You don’t want them struggling or getting down on themselves or thinking that your training is too hard. Nor do you want them throwing up during their first session or getting too sore from it. 2) Don’t Introduce… continue reading.

Training Songs

If you’ve read this blog long enough you may know by now that, next to training, music is my biggest obsession in life. I go to dozens of concerts and live performances per year and could single handedly keep iTunes in business. Here’s a list of some of the newer stuff we’ve been rocking in the gym over the last few months. Some of it is recent and some of it is just stuff that I have recently gotten into or have had renewed love affair with as of late. I’ll try not to repeat any recommendations I… continue reading.

You Already Knew That

It just wouldn’t be a party if I didn’t get at least a dozen random fitness related questions from strangers, family members or long lost pals. Kinda like the exchange I had with my old friend Kevin last week… “Hey Jay, good to see you, buddy. Glad you’re here, I have a couple questions for you.” “I probably don’t have the answers, but fire away.” “My shoulder’s been killing recently right here, when I bench press. Here, feel this clicking thing it’s doing,” he says as he places my hand on his shoulder. Another party; another guy placing my hands… continue reading.

Is Your Training Program Missing the #1 Main Ingredient

“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.” — Sun Tzu Did you know that you can get down to single digit bodyfat and look like an elite level pro athlete by training for just 10 minutes a day, twice a week? And you can do it while eating whatever you want? It’s true…cuz I heard it on the radio… and read it on the internet. Eight minute abs. That’s right folks, in just eight minutes a day you can get the abs of Cheik Congo (pictured). All it takes is… continue reading.

Are You Living a Life Wasted?

“You’re always saying you’re too weak to be strong.” — Life Wasted by Pearl Jam Another summer weekend just came and went and now here we are yet again, on a Monday morning… With yet another opportunity to change things for the better; to make the dramatic improvements that you have been planning to make for so long. Maybe you thought about it over the weekend when you drank too many beers or ate too many hot dogs at your neighbors’ barbeque. Or maybe you were ashamed to take your shirt off at the beach or… continue reading.

Last Night’s Training Mix

– Rebel Without A Pause- Public Enemy – We’re Back- Bobby Creekwater, Cashis, Eminem, Obie Trice & Stat Quo – Renegade- Hed PE – Bleed it Out- Linkin Park – PscyhoSocial- Slipknot – War Within a Breath- Rage Against The Machine – Fish Out of Water- Mudvayne – Davidian- Machinehead – Zero- Smashing Pumpkins… continue reading.

Iron and the Soul

By Henry Rollins I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like you parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely. When I was young I had no sense of myself. All I was, was a product of all the fear and humiliation I suffered. Fear of my parents. The humiliation of teachers calling me “garbage can” and telling me I’d be mowing lawns for a living. And the very real terror of my fellow students. I was threatened and beaten up for the… continue reading.

Spin the Black Circle

I finally got the ok from the doctor, yesterday, to go back to training. Nothing overhead and no heavy pressing, but I can ease my way back into everything else and finally start regaining all the weight I have lost this year. It’s been a long time and I couldn’t take much more of it. I feel like it’s Christmas morning right now and can’t wait to get to the gym today. I got a question about music yesterday and since, along with training, that is… continue reading.

Are You Guilty of Using One of These Pathetic Excuses?

Excuses are everywhere. We’ve all got them and use them more than we should. I’ve been guilty of this and I’m sure you’ve probably been an offender at one time or another, yourself. But we need to stop. No one wants to hear them and no one gives a shit. Below is a list of some of my favorites. –I don’t squat because they’re bad for the knees. –You’re not supposed to squat below parallel. — I don’t need to do legs because I run and go on the stairclimber. –I’m just getting back into it. (For two years?!) –Today… continue reading.