39 Ways to Not be Like Everyone Else

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

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How do you start your day each morning?

Do you angrily smash the alarm clock and roll out of bed exhausted, dreading another day doing what you hate?

Or do you spring up fresh and well rested because you went to sleep before 11pm like you know you should, and get excited to tackle another day doing what you love?

What about your workout regimen?

Do you do focus on big compound lifts, bodyweight exercises, strongman training or do you take the easy way out?

Do you keep a detailed log book and track your progress week after week, year after year?

Do you stick with a program for longer than a week? Or are you just constantly in search of the next magic bullet?

When it comes time for cardio do you hop on the elliptical or stair climber or do you go find a hill and sprint up it until your heart beat is visible through your hooded sweatshirt? Or do a killer finisher that would strike fear in the hearts of most.

There’s always an easy way out.

You can always live a life of mediocrity and unhappiness and do what everyone else does.

Or you can choose to not be like everyone else. You can choose the road less traveled.

How do you do that?

Here are 39 ways that would be a good start.

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1)    Eat only organic produce and organic, grass fed meat. Avoid any factory farmed meat and conventionally grown produce when possible.

2)    Eliminate sugar from your diet. Fruit doesn’t count.

3)    Cut out all processed foods.

4)    Eat more veggies.

5)   Eat for health, longevity and performance instead of focusing on simply jamming down more protein because you think it will help you get huge.

6)    Don’t piss away all your money on bogus, bullshit bodybuilding and “performance enhancing” supplements. The only things that actually work are those that improve your health. Nothing will turn you into Mr. Olympia.

7)    Drink lots of water.

8)    Cut out all other beverages. Except for high quality coffee like that at RenegadeRoastingCo.com.

9)    Stop feeling like you have to eat six meals a day. That’s so 1998. You can get great results with just 3-4 meals.

10)    Get to bed by 10:30 or 11pm, at the latest.

11)    Have a routine that helps you wind down each night. Lower the lights, read, take an ice cold shower, etc.

12)    Get off of the computer and cell phone at least two hours before bed. The screen over stimulates your pineal gland and messes with your ability to sleep.

13)    Buy the most expensive mattress and sheets you can afford. It’s where you spend a third of your life.

14)    Use dumbbells, ketltlebells, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics and strongman training to create a well rounded, functional, strong, muscular physique.

15)    Stop over thinking and stressing about every aspect of your training and nutrition.

16)    Train heavy (but in a safe manner). I can never say this often enough. If you’re always getting hurt you can’t make progress.

17)    Stick with one training system for longer than a week. Program hopping, ADD and information overload are the primary reasons people don’t make progress these days.

18)    Put all of your efforts into a few things that actually make a difference, instead of trying a million options that all do next to nothing.

19)    Find a way to get focused. Somehow, some way. Most people have zero focus and thus zero control of their lives. Don’t be another multitasking, confused, out of control, getting nowhere fast member of society.

20)   Improve your hip mobility. Your lower back will thank you down the road.

21)    Keep a training journal. Record everything. Always try to improve, slowly,  over time. Not necessarily workout to workout but over months and years.

22)    Do hill sprints.

23)    Pick up and carry or drag heavy shit.

24)    Get at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day without sunscreen. To make up for the lack of sun during the winter take some vitamin D.

25)    Floss daily.

26)    Eliminate excess clutter and bullshit from your life. Cluttered mind/home = cluttered mind. You can’t focus or get shit done when you have too much crap everywhere. The stuff you own really does end up owning you. Get rid of what you don’t need.

27)    Stop staring at your phone so much. Life takes place in the real world. Not on a device in your hand.

28)    Never allow yourself to get above 15% bodyfat.

29)    Never allow your conditioning to slip too much. Always stay in shape.

30)    Meditate. I started doing this with the Holosync CD’s back in 2008 and the difference it’s made in my life is mind blowing.

31)    Play a sport or perform some type of fun physical activity once in a while, even if just on weekends with friends. Hike, surf, play volleyball, tennis, flag football, swim, whatever…

32)   Read a book. In fact, read lots of books. Aim for at least two per month.

33)   Never hang out or associate with negative people. Cut them out of your life permanently.

34)   Check email and watch TV far less often than you do right now. Checking email is one of the ultimate time wasters.

35)   Remember people’s names and say them often. Like Dale Carnegie said, it’s the sweetest sound to that person, in any language.

36)   Never hate or be jealous of anyone. It takes too much energy; energy that could be used to better your life.

37)   Listen to hip hop from the golden age (85-96)

38)  Say “thank you” more than everyone else.

39)  Be original.

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