The Shocking (But Real) Reason For Your Lack of Progress

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

You know why you’re not making the progress you had hoped for?

Why you’re spinning your wheels and frustrated almost to the point of depression?

Why you look the exact same right now as you did 6-12 months ago?

What you’re doing at this very moment is part of the problem.

Reading this website could be killing your gains.


Because you already read two dozen other training websites and Twitter feeds today that told you two dozen different things.

And you have no fucking idea what to believe or do.

You’re not sure if you’re supposed to be training in accordance with the earth’s rotation of the sun, Prilepin’s chart or Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Should you press at a 27.6-degree angle or 31.4?


Please just stop reading right now.

In fact I don’t want you to come back to this site unless it’s the only training site you visit. Or at least one of 2-3 that all share a very common theme.

Not because I don’t appreciate your support. Believe me, I’m incredibly grateful and would like to thank you personally. But I actually want to help you too. Just having nearly half million people come to the site each month is useless if I’m not helping you achieve your goals.

You can’t read all kinds of contradictory opinions and expect to get anywhere. I promise you’ll fail if you take that route.

Six Million Sites to Read; Choose One

Pick one guy to listen to; one guy with a proven track record of getting results and do exactly what he says. Don’t question it, don’t read differing opinions, and don’t second-guess. Just do it. For six months straight. Then we’ll talk.

If you’re truly a member of The Renegade Nation, and believe in my methods, then stop wasting your time elsewhere. You’ll get much better results that way.

Or if you want to purchase one of DeFranco’s, Cressey’s or Zach’s programs do those instead. They’re great coaches and won’t steer you wrong.

But if you do please don’t ask them about what I said and don’t ask me about what they said. When people do that I know they’re destined for failure and will always be the exact same size and strength they are right now.

In all honesty I get a little bit sad when I get questions like that because I feel bad for the person. I know for a fact that they should do something else with their time because training is not something they’ll ever have any success with.

Busy hands are happy hands.
– Your mom

You know who makes great progress in the gym?

Busy guys. That’s who.

Guys who don’t have the time, patience or desire to sit on the internet all day long and read fifty different training sites. They have one system or method they believe in and they hit it hard without doubting or second-guessing it.

Anyone I or Defranco or Alvino or Cosgrove has trained over the last 20+ years gets results because they pay us to write the programs for them and then they do them to the letter without questioning a single thing.

In fact, most of the clients I’ve trained since 1994 have probably not read a single article about training. They just do what I tell them to do because they’re too busy working, going to school, playing sports, raising kids, spending time with their families and enjoying life to sit on the internet all day debating about the best workout split.

What’s interesting is that my clients who make the most money almost always seem to make the fastest progress. This is for two reasons. The first is obvious.

Someone who makes a lot of money is a very driven person. The second is that because they’re so busy hustling all day they don’t have the time to jerk around on every training blog and Facebook page in existence.

They give me a check, I give them a program, they bust their ass on it, and the incredible results they get make both of us very happy.

Don’t Obsess

In order to make the kind of gains you really want training has to be a PART of your life; not your entire life.  You have to stay busy and have hobbies.  You can’t obsess over all this shit 24/7 or it will destroy you.

Eat when and what you’re supposed to, get to bed on time, lift three days per week and run up hills or push a sled 1-2 times. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Get in the habit of doing those things ritualistically and they’ll no longer require any more thought. You have other things to focus on like your kids, your passions, your future, how you’re gonna get laid tonight; anything but the 4589th way to do a dumbbell curl.

Don’t give it anymore thought beyond those few hours per week that you’re in the gym training and in the kitchen preparing meals.

That’s why I created The Renegade Strength Club.

Because I know that to be successful in any endeavor you need a coach and you need to delegate. In this instance you’re delegating the writing of your training programs to me and allowing me to distill all the info you need.

It saves you time and money. You get to make impressive gains and transform your body like all of our members do and you get your life back.

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