4 Lessons From Tim Tebow

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on December 19, 2011

Yesterday, the magical streak of Tim Tebow came to an end and there were a lot of happy people.

That’s because people hate Tim Tebow.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots put a temporary end to Tebow-mania as Brady showed the youngster how the position of quarterback is meant to be played. As a result there were a lot of unhappy people.

That’s because people love Tim Tebow.

He’s a polarizing figure who, over the last few months, has become one of the biggest sports stories of the year.

Like him or hate him I think there’s a lesson to be learned from watching him. I, personally, have questioned his skills all along and found myself nodding in agreement when watching NFL pregame shows about how this type of offense can’t last.

Lately, many of those same critics have changed their tune, saying that there’s something unique about the kid and that he just knows how to win.

Now whether or not he ever wins another game or even plays another down doesn’t matter. What matters is that he has set an example for people all over the world.

Personal feelings aside here is what I have taken from Tim Tebow:

1) Always Believe in Yourself

Nobody is knocking down your door to proclaim your awesomeness. If you don’t believe it what makes you think that anyone else would? When people ask, “Who is the greatest strength coach or fitness expert in the world,” I tell them I am. I have to believe it before other people do. Tebow believes he can and will get the job done. Of that much he is sure, and because of that he succeeds.

You need to believe that you will succeed in whatever it is you attempt in life. If you doubt yourself chances are very good that you’ll fail. Which is okay. Everyone fails and you can’t be afraid of it. But at least give yourself better odds from that get go by believing in yourself wholeheartedly.

Fuck what everyone else says.

Do what you want and be the best at it. Or at least try your damndest.

2) Skill Isn’t Always the Most Important Thing

There’s always going to be someone bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, better looking and more skilled than you are. That doesn’t mean you can’t beat them if you work your ass off and believe in yourself. Tebow doesn’t have the same skill set as the majority of quarterbacks in the National Football League. What he has is a belief in himself and his team and an unmatched will to win.

If you do an honest assessment of yourself can you say that your will to succeed at work, on the playing field or in the weight room is as strong as Tim Tebow’s is? If it’s not then change it. You’re in 100% control of your life and your future.

This lesson is always important for me to keep in mind because there is NOTHING that I do exceptionally well or better than the majority of people. That’s why I have to always work harder and smarter than my competition. If there’s one thing anyone can do it’s out-hustle everyone else and have that indomitable will to win.

3) Don’t Let Negativity, Criticism or Defeat Bring You Down

I don’t know him personally but it appears that Tebow is impervious to negativity or criticism. Losses on the football field only seem to make him stronger, as evidenced by that video from his Florida days when, following a big loss, he promised that no one would ever work harder throughout the rest of the season.

We should all react to failure or defeat in the same manner. Don’t get down and out about it. Let it make you stronger and then come back with more tenacity and determination than ever before. Succeed at all costs.

Eliminate negative people and situations from your life. Don’t listen to what critics or haters have to say. Everyone fails. There’s no shame in that. It’s how you respond to failure that ultimately determines your success.

Years ago I can remember getting pissed off when haters would trash talk me on the internet. My buddies, Craig Ballantyne and Alwyn Cosgrove would be victim to the same type of thing and we’d discuss it from time to time. Nowadays I can proudly say that I can’t remember the last time we had such a conversation. It’s been at least five years if not longer. That’s because we’ve all evolved enough to not read that stuff anymore or care about it in the least.

When you get down about a few people saying negative things about you think about how many people are saying a lot worse things about Tim Tebow and on NATIONAL TELEVISION. If he can overcome that surely you can overcome a few negative people around town or the office.

Take whatever steps are necessary to remove negativity from your life. And if you slip up do your best to remain strong and move on as fast as possible. There is absolutely no good that can ever come from dwelling on it or engaging with negative people.

4) Always Stay Positive and Keep Smiling

Over the last two months Tim Tebow has converted a lot of critics to fans. I am one. Not because he has become significantly better at playing quarterback, but rather because of how he has handled both adversity and success. When the whole world was saying he had no chance and that the Broncos needed to find an immediate replacement, it would have been easy for him to lash out at the media in a Randy Moss or Terrell Owens like tirade. He just kept smiling, though. Not once did he ever get down or say a single negative word. And that made all the difference in how he is now perceived.

Had he given us all the finger or been seen on camera throwing his helmet on the sideline, public perception might be different than it is right now. When you keep smiling and remain positive and true to yourself people actually want to see you succeed and will be very willing to help you along the way. We all need some help in one way or another. Nobody likes or wants to help negative people. They can’t even stand the sight of them.

No matter how bad things get don’t ever let yourself become a “doom-and-gloom” negative person who nobody wants to be around. That does no one any good. Always try to find something positive and smile about it.

If you can’t do that you may as well throw in the towel because you’re already defeated and there will be no fourth quarter comeback.

Remember, my friends, you are wherever you are in life because that is where you think you should be.

No one controls your fate but you.

Tim Tebow.

You can love him or hate him…

I, for one, have been inspired by him.


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