Don’t End up Like This Douchebag

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I was sitting in the downstairs lounge at Southern Hospitality in New York City Saturday night having a great conversation with Nate Green about life, productivity and happiness when Mike Geary wandered over. He wanted to discuss The Renegade Diet and get some more details about it.


I broke it down for about a minute or two before one of the top twenty most annoying human beings on the planet made his way into the conversation. He told me had some type of hypnosis business and then started spewing out one excuse after another for his appearance.

“Yeah, all that shit you guys are doing is well and good when you’re young but I’m 43. Nobody gives a shit about being ripped or being an alpha male anymore once you hit 40.”

“Holy fucking, delusional, excuse making coward,” I thought to myself. Nobody gives a shit about those things after you turn 40!? Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve seen excuse makers before but this guy was up there in a league of his own.

“You don’t care about having a six pack. You don’t care about being strong. You don’t care about being jacked,” he continued.

You?! How about phrasing it properly and saying “I” since you’re clearly the only one here who thinks like that. Don’t project your weak minded bullshit on every else.

“Just wait another few years ‘til you guys get to be my age,” he warned.

Yeah, in just two more years we’ll give up what we’ve been obsessed with for a quarter century. We’ll change our entire lifestyle, stop training and start eating junk food. Sounds highly likely.

“I read Roman’s book and laughed at it because I don’t want to be an alpha male and all that stuff is ridiculous to me.”

In 38 years on the planet I’ve never heard a guy come right out and say he doesn’t want to be an alpha male and is happy being a fat, excuse making pussy. This cat was really on another level.

I wonder if this slug knew that there are professional athletes his age and that some of the strongest and most jacked or ripped guys in the world are over 40.

I wonder what he would say if he came across Renegade Inner Circle member Glen White who is in his 40’s, in great shape and ultra dedicated…

“The progress I’ve made in the last year or so still astounds me – I’ve refound the abs I lost 10 years ago, I’m stronger than at any time other than when I played decent level rugby and I’m just downright happier. It’s all down to Jay and the RIC, I don’t second-guess anything and just follow what the program’s tell me to do.

Thanks Jay.”
– Glen White, RIC Member

Since one of the guiding principles of my life is to never waste time arguing with people I got out of the conversation as soon as I could and found Brad Pilon to discuss the wackiness of Canadian accents.

The point is to stop making excuses for where you’re at in life. Never paint yourself into a corner because you’re a certain age or have some type of genetic shortcomings.

Your mind is always going to be your most valuable weapon. Once you clear out the clutter and the distractions, once you get focused and are able to finally create real discipline in your life you won’t believe the kind of drastic changes you’re capable of.

That’s one of the prevailing themes in The Renegade Inner Circle. We have guys who wanted a support group of like-minded, goal oriented, highly focused individuals that would keep them on their path onward and upward.

And because they are part of this group they’re completely changing their lives and getting the kind of results most people never come close to achieving.

“Part of what I love about being a part of the RIC is that the entire community atmosphere, an inner circle workout that everyone is doing together, etc., makes it so easy to just turn off the brain and train.

I think about working out, training, etc., all the time, but I have enough faith in Jason’s programming that I can just load up the .PDF and go. And I know that in 3 months there’ll still be an awesome program for me to do that I don’t even know about yet. And the community is awesome enough that I get my fix of reading/discussing training so that I don’t feel like browsing a bunch of other forums filled with all kinds of random bullshit I have to sift through.”
– John Prather, RIC member

“The day I deleted my RSS feed from other people was the day after the Renegade seminar in NJ. I was 170 pounds then. Almost a year later and I weigh 190 and Jay is the only one I take advice from. Next year this time I plan to be a lean 200 and will get there on nothing but Jay’s shit.

I’d spend a lot of time obsessing about programming before that but now I have just enough time to log onto the RIC and grab the weekly program. Really couldn’t imagine having to worry about my own programming on top of all the other shit I have to do.”
Jimmy Heim, RIC Member

As a Renegade Inner Circle member you eliminate the distractions that are causing you stress, depression and failure. You also outsource your training to a professional, which is what all successful people do in every realm of their lives.

You don’t perform your own surgeries or act as your own lawyer or dentist do you? So why would you treat the designing of your workouts any differently?

If you want to reach the highest level you simply can’t do it on you own. Nobody ever does. Not in sports, business, entertainment or fitness. You need support and you need the help of pros.

Over the next week or so I will be revealing the before and after pics of the recent Renegade Inner Circle transformation contest. They’re pretty damn impressive.

If you’re ready to make the same type of transformations and eliminate the distractions and negative forces that are holding you back join us on the inside today.