Get Lucky Last Night?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

When I was growing up you had to put in work to get a girl.

You couldn’t just go to the club and stand there like lummox. You actually had to know how to dance. Needed some moves.

So you’d be in there doin your little two step, smiling and having fun. Waiting but not creeping.

Once you got the eye contact you’d wait just the right amount of time… and then you might start dancing with her. But at an appropriate, safe distance. Ya didn’t just go mount her and start trying to penetrate her jeans like it’s done today.

Once a crappy song came on you’d ask if you could buy her a drink.

You had to be patient and pace yourself.

At the end of the night, you’d ask for her number. Someone would grab a cocktail napkin from the bar.  Then she’d write it down in the most amazing penmanship you’ve ever seen.

If that was Saturday night you’d wait til Tuesday or Wednesday to pull out your napkins and start dialing for dollars.

If her father picked up you threw out that napkin and moved on to the next one.

There were many steps and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into the whole process.

Nowadays you’re texting her an hour later at 3 am.

“Yo! Whatta you doin?”

You’re either trying to get her to your apartment or start sending you pics of her ass.

What happened to working for it?

This instant gratification world we live in is preventing people from getting any gains in the gym.

Size and strength? Is there an app for that? Can I have it delivered to me in 30 minutes or less?

“I don’t wanna do old school stuff. That’s not how the new world we live in works”.

Newsflash: the tried and true basics are still the best and ONLY way to get bigger and stronger.

Sure, you have to know how to sequence your training days and your exercises properly. You need to know the precise way of executing each rep for the best results.

And what’s required to remain injury free.

But, at the end of the day, it still comes down to hard work on big, basic exercises.

If you’d rather keep searching for a faster, easier way, then…

“Stop wishing and call me when you’re ready.”

– Napoleon Dynamite

For those who are- my foolproof methods for getting jacked:

Jay Ferruggia