Charity Water Campaign Update

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

What’s up, everyone?

I just got some incredible news that I had to share with all of you.

Combating the lack of access to clean water is a huge passion of mine, and back in September, we ran a Charity Water campaign alongside my 40th birthday. I am still blown away by your support, which helped raise $30,000. You guys are amazing.

There was so much energy around this campaign that Scott Harrison, Charity Water’s Founder & CEO, was kind enough to come on the podcast and talk about building a start up, developing leadership skills, and generating support for a cause. You can find that recap here or listen to the episode here.

Now, get this. The money you helped raise was sent over to Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world where 46% of citizens live without clean water. Not only are your donations helping to build and restore over 120 new wells, but they are also funding solar panels that help deliver cold, clean water to tap stands throughout the communities.

This is amazing and I could not be more appreciative of your generosity. Thank you all so much.

I know many of you want to give back and often ask how to donate in smart, sensible ways. Check out this article for some thoughts on setting realistic donation goals and choosing the right charity

Also, be sure to check out Charity Navigator. It is critical that your money goes towards legit, honest, and transparent organizations, and they do an incredible job of helping you find charities you can trust.

Thanks again, Renegade Nation. I am forever grateful for your support. You all fuel me each and every day.

Stay Strong,

Jay Ferruggia