How To Do What You Love And Get Paid For It w/ Chris Guillebeau

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Do What You Love and Get Paid For it

We all have dreams of finding the perfect job. Of creating a life where we set our own schedule, do only the things we love, and say, “No” to anything else. Oh right, we gotta make a living too.

If so many people want to move towards an unconventional career, why don’t most do it?

For one, it’s hard. Creating your dream job can mean opening yourself up to criticism from those scared to rock the boat and defy the status quo.

It’s also flat out confusing.

There are so many ways to transform an unfulfilling life into one of financial freedom and complete satisfaction.

  • Should you become a full time entrepreneur?
  • Should you just keep a part time side hustle?
  • Should you stay in your regular 9 to 5 and simply find ways to make that situation better for yourself?
  • Once you decide, how do you actually do it?

You can see why so many people just say, “Fuck it”, throw their hands up in defeat, and stay stuck in the quick sand of mediocrity.

But not you. Because you’re gonna listen to and implement the lessons in today’s podcast episode.

Tune in to hear NY Times best-selling author, Chris Guillebeau, walk you down the path towards career satisfaction. We discuss the habits, thoughts, and actions that will let you find the perfect job and ultimately, your dream life.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:22: Chris recaps his remarkable trip to every country in the world.
  • 2:54: Chris outlines how he sets (and achieves) his goals
  • 4:32: One rule to follow that will keep you on track with where you spend your time
  • 8:02: When is it time to change your goals?
  • 9:07: Chris’s daily routine
  • 13:03: The “Joy-Money-Flow” formula and achieving financial success with life satisfaction.
  • 15:58: How to determine if your side hustle is worth pursuing (and how to start one if you want to).
  • 20:41: Why specialization is hugely overrated and finding a niche may be the worst thing you can do.
  • 25:08: How to leverage your worth with specific actions and skills, whether you’re self-employed or not.
  • 28:16: Financial tips to make a little bit of money go a long way.
  • 29:27: How to get your message into the world in 2016
  • 31:52: How to be a “Do It Yourself Rockstar” on social media
  • 33:54: Life coaching from Jay-Z
  • 36:13: Chris’ recent travel adventures living in an apartment in the sky
  • 37:22: Chris and I talk music and our recent good reads

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Born For This: Chris’s New Book that teaches you how to find that one job or career that feels so right, it’s like you were born to do it.

The Art of Non-Conformity: Live life on your own terms and experiences constant adventure.

The $100 Startup: Learn to lead of life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and earn a good living.

The Happiness of Pursuit: Add meaning to your life by discovering and starting your ultimate quest.

Everybody Writes and Confessions of a Public Speaker: Chris’s two favorite books for improving writing and communication skills.

Connect with Chris:

If you want more from Chris, check out his website, connect with him on Twitter @ChrisGuillebeau, Facebook (, and Instagram (@193Countries)

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