Why You Shouldn’t Go To College, Own a House, or Buy Stocks

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

EllsbergGo to college to get the degree to land the job to make the money to buy the house to retire early to live a life of comfort and security.

That’s the “American Dream” flavored kool-aid we’ve been drinking for the last 70 years. In ’69, this was a sure fire way to live the good life.

But what happens when you blindly follow that path today? Most of the time, you end up stuck.

Stuck in a boring town that’s not as cool as it used to be. Rooted down by a house that’s too big of a pain to sell. Working a job you’re too scared to leave because you don’t know what else you could do.

Think it’s too late to make a change? Then you need to listen to Michael Ellsberg on today’s episode of Renegade Radio.

Michael is a world-renowned author that challenges the status quo on building the life of your dreams. He has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes Magazine. And he has spoken on some of the world’s biggest stages including Google and Tedx.

Today, he’s here to tell you that you can turn back the clock on those mistakes. Tune in to learn how to set yourself up for financial freedom, a new career, and a more fulfilling life.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 2:16: How did Michael get started as a writer?
  • 3:18: The crazy thing that happens when you make strangers hold eye contact in a bar
  • 5:42: Why Michael started studying college dropouts
  • 7:27: The one life skill that all successful people practice
  • 9:05: Why is college a waste of time?
  • 12:37: Think traditional stock investing is a good source of income? Think again
  • 17:02: Michael’s SAFE plan for financial investing (and why it’ll actually make you money)
  • 20:58: How to reverse years of bad spending habits and re build your bank account
  • 22:42: What do Ancient Greeks and today’s leaders have in common?
  • 25:27: Super skills vs. market skills and which ones you should work on
  • 27:38: Using your “happiness exchange rate” to experience more fulfillment
  • 32:56: The unfortunate reality of over-prioritizing your goals
  • 37:20: Why buying a home can crush your financial growth and personal development
  • 44:33: How to build your tribe and find “true wealth.”

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

The Last Safe Investment: Michael’s’ most recent book on the proper way to invest in the best commodity out there- yourself.

The Education of Millionaires: One of my all time favorite books on developing the skills you actually need to succeed in life, not the ones they teach you in school.

If you want more from Michael, be sure to check out his website at www.ellsberg.com, follow him on Twitter (@MichaelEllsberg) and find him on Facebook.

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