How The Shy Guy Took The Stage & Kicked Some Ass

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Chad ProudGuest Post By Chad Proud

When I signed up for the inaugural Renegade Live event back just before Christmas I really had no idea what to expect or to hope for.

In fact, I almost didn’t sign up at all. When I opened my e-mail and read the invitation the “Resistance” as Steven Pressfield would call it crept in.

“That would be nice.”

“I don’t have enough money right now.”

“Would I have enough vacation time?”

“Who’s going to take care of the dog?”

After doing some research and realizing that it wouldn’t actually be that expensive, I said “fuck it” and signed up.

Even after signing up, I still didn’t know what to expect, and was a little bit hesitant. I was hesitant really only because up to that point following Jason Ferruggia’s blog, and being a member of the Renegade Strength Club had significantly increased the quality of my life.

I was actually a little worried that meeting Jay in person could only disappoint me, only because I had such unrealistic expectations for the man.

Boy was I wrong.

Meeting Jason for the first time was definitely surreal. Our group walked to the beach before dawn (still dark out), and seemingly out of nowhere Jay appeared like some sort of mythical creature.

Imagine my shock when within the first ten minutes he instructed us to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (deleted because this is intended to be a surprise for future attendees).

Suddenly my grogginess wore off and I was thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Like I said, going into the event I really had no expectations for what I personally wanted to gain from the experience. I just knew that to make real connections with the people I had been conversing with for more than two years I needed to actually meet them in person.

One of the very first things Jason talked about hit me like a ton of bricks. He basically said that too many people spend too much time XXXXXXXXX (something I have definitely pondered), but what they really should be focused on is XXXXXXXXX.

And just like that, the entire cost of the trip was justified.

Looking back, I’m almost ashamed that I was skeptical of meeting Jason in the first place. The guy is first-class all the way, and I came away even more impressed than I was going in (very hard to do). There is a simple aura around him that draws you in.

I learned so much from just being around him and observing him even for just a couple of days.

I look back on the event and think of how the entire weekend was a life-altering experience. As if my life were going down one path, but by attending the event it has been altered and transitioned to an infinitely better path.

I owe that to Jason, and the other attendees who I am now lucky to consider my friends.

Over the course of the weekend we participated in A LOT of physical activities, but the crazy thing is when I reflect back on the experience I really don’t think about the training or physical activity at all.

I think about the conversations and connections that were had and made. It was truly a special experience.

Admittedly I have always been skeptical of “life changing seminars” where people come out of a short weekend totally changed mentally and emotionally. But I am 100% sold now and understand the usefulness of participating and would urge everyone to attend something like it (preferably the next edition of Renegade Live).

The best way I can describe the impact the weekend had on me is like this. I have always been the last person to want to get in front of a crowd or do anything that might draw attention or eyeballs to myself (dancing, singing, speaking, etc). But I was pushed so far out of my comfort zone that by the end of the weekend I was VOLUNTEERING for an improv comedy in front of dozens of strangers.

And I was sober.

And I loved it.

To register for the next Breakthrough Live event on May 29th & 30th click HERE.