Stop Being a Spectator and Start Playing to Win

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

By Jack Penner, one of the coaches in the Renegade Strength Club

Two types of people walk through the world. Spectators and Players. Which kind are you?

Do you let others fly by, achieving the goals you dream about? Sit there on Facebook, seething at photos of those living a better life than you?

You don’t wake up as the person you’re proud of by watching things happen. You don’t leave a legacy by cheering from a position of comfort.

The Signs of a Spectator

1. You use these three phrases.

“Must be nice.”

“I wish.”

“If only.”

Just typing those words makes me shiver with dissatisfaction.They represent one thing. The mindset of a spectator.

Looking to others living a better life than you, thinking you’re incapable of that same success. That’s a spectator.

Much easier to look at the risks people take and the rewards they receive. It’s too hard to do it yourself, right? But, no matter how bitter you get, looking on will never earn you the fulfillment you desire.

Your ability to get in the game of life depends on one thing: Your desire to face the challenge day in and day out.

2. You blame everything but yourself for failures.

A passive participant in the world, a spectator never puts himself out there. It’s never his fault because he never takes action.

Fear of failure. Paralysis by analysis. Unwilling to feel uncomfortable. Your refusal to put in the work halts your progress.

“It’s not the right time.”

“My website doesn’t look right.”

“When X happens, then I’ll start.”

It’s never the right time. Start now. You will faill. That’s inevitable. You can handle it from a place of weakness, project blame, and make excuses. Or, you can accept responsibility for everything that happens.

You’re in control. Act like it.

3. You Don’t Believe You Can Do It

There’s a hunger for players. For people to take charge and inspire. Look around you. Everyone walks around each day, hunting for that new source of inspiration. Craving to feel part of something meaningful.

No one is more fit to fill that void than you.

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t succeeded before.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t have some incredible talent or natural skills.

Talent is a myth. And you will develop skills over time.

The world takes in what you give off. Project insecurity, and it views you as insecure. Project power and authority, and guess what? You’re powerful and authoritative.

Plenty of people have done it before. And plenty more will.

Watch them or be one.

Your Own Recipe for Greatness

Obtaining and maintaining this status as a leader requires consistent, draining work. But you only have so much willpower to channel the energy to push yourself. You can’t rely on it forever.

Instead, you must have a series of daily habits and rituals that keep you from falling into the patterns of a spectator. Ones that make taking action automatic. Your own system for all encompassing strength. Physical, mental, and emotional.

Neglect any of these areas, and you leave yourself with a leak in the system.

Now, this happens to everyone. You can’t avoid it. At some point, you will have to look yourself in the mirror and admit at least one area is slipping. It happens to us all on a regular basis and it’s painful, but you must do it.

Because players recognize their mistakes, and relentlessly fix them.

They realize they’ve been neglecting relationships and schedule six nights out with friends.

They see that poor time management makes them work too much. So they set limits on their work time, and eliminate all distractions. Within a week, they get more done in less tine.

Spectators, however, will continue on that slippery slope and wind up thinking…

“Must be nice. I wish. If only.”

Where Are Your Leaks?

You should know. You should have the self-awareness that allows you to review your progress. And you must prioritize the time to reflect. Make it a part of your system. Your morning routine. 

Every week look back and ask yourself, “How did I do? Did I keep balance, devoting equal efforts to improvement in all areas?”

If not, correct it by improving your daily rituals.

Add new affirmations that you repeat to yourself every morning

Schedule fun into each day

Leave your phone on silent so you can bring total focus to every conversation you have.

Treat your workouts as you do your job. Just like you never miss a meeting, you never miss a training session. 

Make a habit out of seeking excellence. Then, and only then, will you be able to maintain the consistency that allows you to separate yourself from the spectators.

Wake up each day and get yourself into a head space of turning passion into action. Get your hands dirty and push forward into the uncomfortable. Reflect on your efforts so you can do it with even more intensity the next time.

You have it in you to be great. Create your system and develop the habits to move towards all-encompassing strength.

Your time on the sidelines is over. Get in the game. Start playing to win. 

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