The Ticket to Building the Body You Want (AND Keeping It) w/ Ben Bruno

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I’m back with another powerful episode to help you unleash your strongest self with the help of my friend, Ben Bruno. 

From professional athletes, to musicians, to actors, to models, to his mom… Ben gets results. 

His approach to training focuses on the individual, instead of a specific method, and he’s here today to help you build the body you want (AND keep it)…

  • 3 methods to take your calves to the next level. [0:52]
  • Why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear and read about training or nutrition. [6:36]
  • One simple thing you can do to drastically improve your training. [23:35]
  • The ticket to building the body you want (and keeping it). [43:00]
  • Why you need to change how you look at stretching. [59:43]
  • Optimize your sleep… Here’s how. [1:09:19]
  • Raging against the machines. [1:23:05]
  • The best tip to grow your business. [1:34:29]

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