These Hacks Will Save Your Life

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

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Today I’m sharing a simple method that will help you become your most elite self. 

Have more confidence. 

Get the body you want. 

Make more money. 

Be more charismatic. 

… And you can get started in less than 5 minutes. 

  • The sleep optimization checklist. [0:38]
  • The most motivating book I’ve ever read. [5:05]
  • When should you do fasted cardio? [6:51]
  • The most effective hamstring exercise you can do. [7:55]
  • How to become your most elite self. [12:31]
  • The only way to train as a hardgainer. [21:16]
  • 12,000 steps a day: one long walk or several short walks? [27:03]

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