A Masterclass in Health with Shawn Stevenson – Episode 360

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

“4 TRILLION dollars was spent in the US healthcare system this past year and you can’t even prevent a f*cking cold?  We could be saving so many lives if the system was focused on health.”

Shawn Stevenson is the creator and host of The Model Health Show.  Each week he releases a “masterclass” episode diving into a wide range of health-related topics.  He uncovers the very best health information in the world and helps people create their own unique model of health, happiness and success.  

This week Shawn brought his masterclass right here to Renegade Radio.  We cover why the methods we’ve been forced to follow during the pandemic have failed miserably and what we should do instead.  We also discuss how to prevent many of the diseases that are the top killers in the US, how to eat for glowing health and a great physique, and much more!

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Show Notes:

  • Why Shawn is grateful for the struggles 2020 has presented him.  [4:04]
  • How does he personally handle the stress of the pandemic and everything else that has gone on this year?  [8:06]
  • Is community and connection the real secret of the blue zones?  [12:05]
  • Why we should question the methods we’ve been forced to follow during the pandemic.  [13:04]
  • What we SHOULD be doing to protect ourselves against the virus instead of what we’re being forced to do.  [16:48]
  • The number ONE thing that makes you susceptible to the virus. [19:54]
  • Is sleep your best defense against the virus?  [23:54]
  • The side of the story you’re not being told (and why you need to hear it).  [25:52]
  • What is microbiome and how does it impact your health?  [32:25]
  • What role does genetics actually play in your health and physique?  [43:04]
  • How he overcame bad nutrition habits, poor health, and even reversed the effects of aging.  [49:38]
  • His “go to” foods for glowing health and those you should avoid most of the time.  [1:01:36]
  • How “white” foods like rice and potatoes PROMOTE health IF you do this…[1:10:30]
  • How many meals per day are ideal and does timing matter?  [1:18:25]
  • Is consuming protein overhyped or massively important?  [1:22:51]
  • More evidence that you should eat the majority of your carbs at night. [1:25:37]
  • The incredible health benefits of coffee.  [1:28:54]
  • Why what we’ve been led to believe about the pandemic is not what we should actually fear.  [1:31:35]


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If you’ve never caught Shawn’s first appearance on Renegade Radio, or if it has been a while since you listened, now is a great time to catch up! You’ll learn why EVERYTHING in your life improves when your sleep improves and how you can consistently get more high quality sleep.

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