Sleep Smarter & Live Longer: Shawn Stevenson – Episode 194

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Sleep is the key to optimal health and performance. If you improve your sleep everything in your life gets better. You lose fat faster, your brain works more efficiently, and your sex drive goes up. 

Shawn Stevenson, the author of “Sleep Smarter,” and host of The Model Health Show, is my guest on this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast. 

We discuss how Shawn found fitness after being diagnosed with a devastating illness at the age of 20He shares the three primary elements of his remarkable recovery and his approach to health and longevityShawn also explains why sleep is the most important factor for optimizing health and performanceHe provides invaluable tips for improving your sleep, your nutrition, your business and so much more.

Topics Include:

  • How Shawn got his start in fitness and the diagnosis that changed everything.  3:15
  • Why Shawn says most people “try” to get well but should actually make the decision to get well.  9:43
  • A simple thing everyone can do to upgrade their diet.  15:36
  • Are deadlifts the ultimate healer for your spine?  18:06
  • How Shawn’s wife put her cancer into remission within 22 days of being diagnosed.  23:06
  • Shawn’s 21 day fast.  30:23
  • His overall approach to nutrition and supplementation for health and longevity.  29:37
  • Gluten and other foods that often cause issues.  37:18
  • Why nutrition isn’t everything and what is actually more important.  40:03
  • The enzyme produced by sleep that can indicate how long you’re going to live and reverse the aging process.  40:38
  • Why sleep deprivation is shortening your life and making you fat.  42:08
  • What can increase your body’s ability to burn fat by 55%?  Hint – it’s not low carbs or more exercise.  42:59
  • Why are the outliers, like The Rock and Arnold, able to get by with less sleep?  46:48
  • Why alcohol will make you fall asleep faster but wake up feeling awful and Shawn’s explanation of REM sleep.  48:58
  • Does training in the morning lead to better sleep at night? 51:08
  • Which is better for sleep, a warm shower or a cold one?  58:18
  • Why you should minimize the time you spend on your phone and computer at night and why F.lux is a must-have.  1:03:48
  • How nutrition and meal timing impacts sleep.  1:07:45
  • Does cutting carbs too low cause sleep issues?  1:11:32
  • Shawn’s approach to intermittent fasting and his current nutrition plan.  1:16:15
  • Is quality more important than quantity when it comes to protein intake?  1:27:53
  • The right way to supplement with melatonin. 1:29:23
  • Shawn’s advice for building your brand and succeeding in business.  1:32:18

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