The Gymnastic Secret To Stronger Abs

Guest Post By Tyler Bramlett Take a look at any gymnast and the first thing you’ll notice is the development of their abdominal muscles. The reality is, you would be hard pressed to find an athlete with stronger abs then a gymnast. Most people believe that the reason gymnasts have such strong abs is their […]

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Renegade Success Story: Michael O’Neill

A few weeks ago, Michael O’Neill emailed me to share his success. Today I wanted to share it with you guys. For the last twelve weeks, he has followed MGS 2.0 and The Renegade Diet to the letter. I love hearing success stories like this. Here’s what Mike had to say: “Good afternoon, Wanted to […]

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Biceps Specialization Program

I was celebrating my buddy Chad Waterbury’s birthday Sunday at the Bungalow in Santa Monica. Between shots of tequila, Chad and I were discussing the release of his new program HFT 2 . It’s chock full of specialization programs for each body part. So I asked him if he’d write a high frequency biceps-building plan […]

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Vince Gironda: Legend & Myth

A lot of you are very interested in the Vince Gironda: Legend & Myth book. And you know me, I could talk and read about the old school Iron Game legends all day. Here’s a small sample of what’s revealed for those of you who emailed me asking exactly what’s included: Vince Gironda: Legend and […]

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My Weed Adventures & Recent Travels

I hit the road recently to hang with friends, see new places, gain perspective and attempt to better myself. Firstly, I went down to San Diego for Craig Ballantyne’s annual TT Summit to hang out with him, Brad Pilon, Bedros Keullian and Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. It was there that I had a 4:20 chocolate […]


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Is That Really Essential?

To simplify your life, increase your productivity and getter better results from your training you should always ask that question. Before you do anything. Before you start a project. Before you agree to something. Before you buy a little knick-knack to put on your desk or waste time reading some style magazine. Before you do […]

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