Bulletproof Your Body and Dominate Your Training with Steve and Lindsay Sudell

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Podcast


Wanna build muscle and gain strength without constant, nagging injuries? Imagine how much better your results would be if you could recover faster from training. If you want to bulletproof your body and feel superhuman, episode 197 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast is just what the doctor ordered. My guests are Lindsay and Steve Sudell.  Lindsay is an […]

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2 Best (Rarely Used) Leg Exercises

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 8.09.45 AM

When asked what the best lower body exercise is most people just say, “squats,” without even thinking. But there are numerous types of squats. And there’s one that you never see anyone doing, that can be a game changer. It’s known as a skater squat or single leg squat. You do them by bending one […]

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Summer Shred Contest Voting

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.27.15 PM

The Renegade Strength Club’s Summer Shred Contest is a 90 day Fitness Transformation Contest.  Current RSC members were provided with the opportunity to participate by submitting a “before” picture prior to Friday May 19th and an “after” picture 90 days later.  The Renegade with the most impressive transformation wins an all expenses paid beach vacation […]

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Real talk

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Lifestyle, Motivation


If you’re ever scrolling through Instagram and you see a fitness model hashtag #RealTalk… Immediately un-follow that person. Unless you wanna read a 7,000-word diatribe about how they don’t always have visible abs. The comments are always about how brave they are. I’m guessing veterans who lost limbs in battle might disagree. We’ve really lowered […]

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Do You Have to Train Heavy?

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Motivation

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 7.12.47 AM

Frank K. is a 48-year-old guy who messaged me about Thursday’s email. He told me that he had some nagging injuries from his years playing football. Because of that, he couldn’t lift heavy if he wanted to. I told him I didn’t want him to. When I say you have to get stronger people often […]

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Are You Up For This Shit?

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Lifestyle


Twenty plus years ago I had one of the original hardcore, underground, warehouse-style training facilities. Renegade Gym. The music was loud and angry. The attitude was pure ruthless aggression. The floor, covered with chalk. The walls with blood. The closet doors had holes in them. Some from a headbutt before a new PR attempt. Others […]

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You’re Lost?

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Fitness, Recovery

henry-cavill-workout (1)

Friday night Jen and I finally finished watching the TV show, Lost. Man, did that ending suck. I’d heard about it for years from everyone. They were even still joking about it on the Oscars a couple months back. I said to Jen, “we put in all that time for that?!” I was so disappointed. […]

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Leaner, Stronger, Healthier with Chris Bell

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Lifestyle, Podcast


Wanna learn how to manage pain and addiction without resorting to dangerous pills that wreck your health? I discuss those topics and more with Chris Bell on the new #RenegadeRadioPodcast. Chris is an accomplished filmmaker and the director of the outstanding documentaries including Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Prescription Thugs and Trophy Kids.  In this episode, we discuss […]

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