The Most Important Thing in Life

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Don’t call it a comeback!

Your boy is back in Cali, fired up, and a million times happier than I’ve been years!

If you’ve ever listened to the show, you know that who you choose to surround yourself with is the most important thing in life. 

And I’ve reminded myself of that over the past week.

So listen up as I’m sharing some of that with you today. And of course, I’m dropping the knowledge you need to become your strongest, most dominant, most elite self.

Listen and learn: 

  • Is fasted training problematic? [8:19]
  • How old is too old to put on size? [11:43]
  • The truth about the negative people in your life. [14:13]
  • Why you’re not ready to start your own business. [24:14]
  • Are fitness trackers doing more harm than good? [25:36]
  • Should you be supplementing with fish oil? [29:08]
  • How to separate yourself from the rest as a personal trainer. [32:03]

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