Maximize Gains With These Protein Powerhouses

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

You’ve got questions. 

I’ve got answers. 

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another powerful Q&A to help you unleash your strongest self. 

Listen and learn the truth about range of motion, how to get the most from your upper body training, and more…

  • Should you eat before early AM workouts? [4:08]
  • How to get the most from your upper body training. [6:07]
  • Maximize gains with these protein powerhouses. [9:03]
  • Science won’t tell you this carb truth. [13:10]
  • What does full range of motion really mean? [15:37]
  • Should you be using a thumbless grip? [23:50]
  • The best approach to evening cardio. [26:36]

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