Life Lessons from U.S. Special Forces Member, Bryan Ray – Episode 486

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Bryan Ray is a dedicated family man and a true patriot. He served 20 years in the U.S. Army, most of which in Special Forces, has travelled the globe and gained a vast amount of experience leading teams through complex mission sets with strategic impact. 

Now the Institutional and Government Sales lead at H.V.M.N. – Health Via Modern Nutrition, his passion for working with teams and improving performance provides a natural connection with team owners and trainers with a desire to achieve excellence. 

And he’s here to share some of that with you today. 

Listen as we discuss: 

  • The bizarre reality of social media. [8:45]
  • What are the 2 questions every successful leader must ask? [13:19]
  • Is there a secret to building high-performing teams? [16:04]
  • The remarkable impact of ketones on brain and body functionality. [24:00]
  • Is this robbing you of joy and healing? [30:52]
  • What you need to know about drinkable ketones (and why you need to go to HVMN now). [37:50]

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