How to Build a Jacked Back, Grow Your Triceps, and Leave a Lasting Legacy – Episode 457

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

What are you committed to? 

Becoming the best or your excuses?

Are you inspiring others and making people better? 

Or are you half-assing your way through life with no real purpose? 

You’ve gotta go all in at whatever it is you do.

It’s not easy.

I know. I deal with temptations, stress, and adversity just like you. 

It’s the choices you make daily that will determine whether you’re able to rise above the bullsh*t and leave a lasting legacy, or fold under the pressure of life and fade into mediocrity. 

Don’t fold. 

I’ve got a few tips to help you dominate all aspects of your life in today’s Q&A, and of course, plenty of training insight.

Listen as I discuss: 

  • What’s the key to living a fulfilled life and leaving a legacy? [8:10]
  • How to deal with addictions? [15:24]
  • Are knee and elbow sleeves beneficial? [19:58]
  • What are the cues for executing the perfect pushup? [20:28]
  • Best for tricep growth: dips or close-grip bench? [25:31]
  • Can you build a jacked back without vertical pulling? [33:50]
  • How do you prevent being crushed after training? [34:25]
  • Are veggies overrated? [40:41]
  • Is it possible to get more explosive in your 40s? [42:42]

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