How to Combat Anxiety, Training Around Shoulder Pain, The Best Diet Tip Ever – Episode 307

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In this episode of Renegade Radio I’m rocking the mic solo and answering your questions.

Everyone has at least some anxiety some of the time about something. And that can be crippling. It can compromise your health and really hold you back. So you have to do whatever you can to combat it. I address my # 1 tip on how to do so, in the most foolproof manner.

I also tackle a bunch of other topics you guys had questions about. This is a hot one. Don’t sleep!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Training around shoulder pain
  • Workout advice for senior citizens
  • How middle aged females should train to build muscle and lose fat
  • How to cut through all the noise and determine the perfect diet
  • How to optimize your training schedule for a very physically demanding job
  • How skinny guys can easily get more clean calories so they can make faster gains
  • My single best tip for advancing in your career
  • Should you train to failure? How close and how often? 


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