From Prison to Purpose with Erik Salzenstein – Episode 369

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

As a young man Erik Salzenstein struggled and battled with drug addiction, anxiety and greed.  His life spiraled out of control and he found himself in a courtroom facing prison time.  

While serving his 4 years he made a decision to do whatever it was going to take to transform his life, and that’s exactly what he did.  He spent his time relentlessly pursuing personal development and creating the future self he wanted to be.  

After regaining his freedom, Erik realized that he had a burning desire to help other people create massive improvements in their lives.  Now he’s on a mission to share his story and help people create the solid foundation they need to experience higher levels of achievement.  

Whether you’re a coach who wants to learn how to share your message with the world, or you’re someone who is in need of your own life transformation, this episode will help put you on the right path.

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Show Notes:

  • How his high school “weed network marketing biz” led him down the wrong path.  [4:32]
  • Why the desire to feel needed and wanted became a dangerous thing.  [7:02]
  • The day he found himself in a courtroom facing prison time.  [9:26]
  • How he started changing his life while still behind bars.  [12:36]
  • How did he find his purpose in life after getting out? [17:13]
  • Two questions that have helped him achieve success.  [19:50]
  • How did he start out as a coach and eventually build his biz to $20k per month? [21:13] 
  • The 50/50 split between ordinary and extraordinary.  [23:55]
  • The mistakes and self-limiting beliefs of most new coaches.  [25:59]
  • How to price your services and avoid buying things you don’t need yet. [29:46] 
  • The basics you SHOULD focus on if you want a successful start.  [35:30]
  • Should you be ultra-specific with your niche and avatar?  [39:56]
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared to charge what your work is worth.  [44:04]
  • How do you create content that sells in 2021?  [46:42]
  • Do you need coaching to be a great coach yourself?  [50:52]


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In this episode Erik mentioned Business Coach, Zander Fryer. A while back I did an awesome interview with Zander where we discuss what it really means to “find” your purpose. If you’d like to check it out, click HERE.

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