How to Find Your Purpose with Zander Fryer – Episode 220

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If your life is missing purpose and passion the all new #RenegadeRadioPodcast can help you find both.

Zander Fryer is my guest in this episode. He is the creator of the “SH*T You Don’t Learn in College” program, which helps people overcome their fears and turn their passions and goals into reality.

Like so many others, Zander lived a “good” life and was successful by most peoples’ standards. He was a well paid IT Sales Executive for a large corporation and had a bright future ahead of him. The problem was, none if it made him happy or fulfilled. With some encouragement from his mentor, Zander made the decision to leave corporate America to pursue his passion for coaching. By taking action in the face of fear and using his purpose to guide his decisions he has experienced rapid success while doing what he loves.

To learn tips and techniques to help you find your purpose listen as we discuss:

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Show Notes:

• Zander’s background, personal struggles and how he found his passion. [3:20]
• Why corporate success didn’t make him happy and fulfilled. [7:48]
• How the decision to start living his dream was sparked by a conversation with his friend and mentor. [10:02]
• How he made the transition from corporate America to coaching. [12:50]
• The first and most important step to leaving a job you don’t like so you can do what you love. [13:52]
• Why clarity is a key to achieving your goals. [15:20]
• An exercise to help you identify what you’re passionate about and love to do. [17:15].
• Why mentors are mandatory and how Zander connected with best-selling author and success coach, Jack Canfield. [22:03]
• Why he doesn’t recommend reading a ton of books and the few that he does recommend. [27:28]
• Will doing what you’re afraid of help make you more successful? [30:40]
• Actionable steps for becoming a coach, mentor and/or entrepreneur. [33:41]
• How to improve your communication skills and build value in your product or service. [39:17]
• Should you take any customer or client that you can get? [44:53]
• How he overcame tragedy and loss and learned to make it work for him. [46:53]
• The battle between our subconscious, conscious and super conscious and how it affects our lives. [51:50]
• His “Shit You Don’t Learn in College” program to help people become more successful and fulfilled. [58:07]


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