For Pain-Free Joints STOP Doing This ASAP, 4 Ways to Build Rapport Instantly, Rules for a Strong Life – Episode 295

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Yo. We’ve got so much dopeness on this week’s listener Q&A that you will literally lose your mind. Literally. Because no one knows the definition of that word anymore. So I’m just saying it the way everyone does. I can’t even.

But seriously. I’m dropping science, like Marley Marl, on all kinds of topics that will make your training and your life better. We’re talking everything from joint health to Game of Thrones.

If you just listen to the first five minutes you’ll be able to build rapport instantly with anyone at anytime. That’s priceless.

Plus I share one huge secret that no one EVER talks about. When you do it you’ll instantly alleviate joint pain.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

• Why “passion is my fucking passion.”
• Everyone is suffering. How can you help?
• The best gift you can give another person.
• The formula for guaranteed unhappiness.
• Being the same person you are online in real life.
• Why you shouldn’t explode out of the bottom of a lift.
• How to go from zero to ten pushups.
• When should you or shouldn’t you do hanging leg raises?
• When was the last time I did something for the first time?
• Why does no one know the definition of the word “literally?”
• Training for a half marathon.
• Nutrition on off days vs. training days.
• Training for BJJ.
• How to develop the mobility to squat.
• Are barbell squats overrated?
• Should you be in a caloric surplus when injured?
• How to train when you’re injured.
• Best shows to binge watch?
• What are my personal rules of thumb for drinking?
• Thoughts on training shoes.
• How to build calves.
• Carbs at night?
• How to get your abs to pop?
• The importance of creating rules for your life.
• Do I regret any of my tattoos?
• The critical life skill that can change everything for you.


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