How to Become a Great Coach, Cardio for Fat Loss, & Keeping Your Joints Healthy – Episode 294

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

On this week’s listener Q&A episode I give away a bunch of stuff, tell some stories, welcome a surprise guest to the studio, and answer a wide array of your questions.

I also rant on a variety of subjects and tell stories ranging from Instagram handles to the stupid mistake I made in New York City not one, not two, but three friggin times. 

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Can you train 6x a week for 30-40 minutes and get great results? 
  • What are must do exercises for joint health?
  • How do you program core work in a GPP phase?
  • What is a tolerable amount of fat gain while bulking?
  • What are my current macros and calories?
  • Can you add muscle while participating in a sport?
  • Should you use straps on deadlifts?
  • What’s better for fat loss; HIIT or LISS? And before or after weights? 
  • When will cardio hurt lifting gains? Would like to run 3 miles 2x per week and bike 50 miles, once. 
  • Did I ever follow professional bodybuilding? What’s my opinion on those mass monsters? 
  • Do I train any martial arts? 
  • If you want to lose 25lbs of fat and are in a caloric deficit what good will lifting do? 
  • My thoughts on sneakers to train in and minimalist shoes in general.
  • Should you be eating animal organs? 
  • Is a bodyweight workout good for lean, ripped gains? High reps at all times? 
  • How do you help your clients stay on track with their nutrition? 
  • How to implement HIIT/sprints etc without doing too much right off the bat? 
  • Is the Turkish Get Up worth the time invested to learn?
  • Am I going to be speaking at any summits this year? 
  • How to become a great coach or trainer. 


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