Personality Isn’t Permanent with Dr. Benjamin Hardy – Episode 347

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and best-selling author of the incredible books Willpower Doesn’t Work and Personality Isn’t Permanent.

His blogs have been read by over 100 million people and are featured on Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune and many others.  

This episode is packed with wisdom, insights, and practical tips you can put to use today to break through and become your best self.  

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Show Notes:

  • Does the Myers-Briggs test do more harm than good?  [5:32]
  • The importance of identifying your future self.  [4:16]
  • Why you should never be too proud to change.  [6:15]
  • How to design your future regardless of what happened in the past. [10:32]
  • Why you are HOPELESS if you don’t have a goal.  [14:37]
  • Set effective goals – ways to overcome being distracted, confused and overwhelmed with the process. [15:30]
  • Rebuilding confidence daily, avoiding decision fatigue, and other awesome tips to help you dominate your path.  [18:27]
  • Why Dr. Hardy falls into the same traps the rest of us do, and how he gets back on track. [20:35]
  • Why hope is freaking awesome and how to build it.  [23:18]
  • Why a great morning routine is so important for your success.  [26:06]
  • Actionable tips for creating your own winning morning routine.  [29:46]
  • Rituals for sparking creativity, the power of self-imposed deadlines, and how to use your schedule to enhance productivity.  [33:32]
  • Why a good evening routine will improve your life (and help you dominate the next day).  [36:06]
  • What does Dr. Hardy do for recovery?  [38:32]
  • The power of having a soundtrack to your life.  [40:57]
  • How to achieve flow state any time you want.  [44:45]
  • The link between social connection and flow state.  [47:13]
  • The power of focusing on ONE outcome at a time.  [49:20]
  • Make your past better and your future bigger.  Here’s how… [55:40]


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In this episode Dr. Hardy mentioned best-selling author and habits expert, James Clear.

His most recent appearance on Renegade Radio was one of the most popular episodes to date. If you haven’t caught it yet, or if you’d like a reminder on how to create habits that will help you win your life, click HERE.

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