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The #1 Skill of Happy, Successful People

As a kid I had zero self-confidence or communication skills. I was super shy and socially awkward. I never thought I was good enough. I doubted myself constantly. I was scared of my own shadow and constantly lived in fear. This lasted for more than half my life, well into my late twenties and early thirties. Then I realized something had to change. Epictetus, the great stoic philosopher, asked, “How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be?” For me, the answer was, “Not one second longer.” So I set out on a mission to… continue reading.

Extreme Motivation With Diamond Dallas Page

Professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, has been a world wide entertainer for over 20 years. His work ethic, positive mindset, and incredible commitment to relationships propelled him to the multiple world titles in the WCW and a prolific career in the WWF. He is also the founder of DDP Yoga, a revolutionary fitness program that combines the restorative methods of yoga with the body transformation techniques of calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and strength training. Today, he is here to drop knowledge on the mindset strategies that helped turn him into not only a successful… continue reading.

Spartan Up: Transform Your Body and Mind with Joe De Sena

Joe De Sena has never taken an ordinary approach to life. Growing up around New York mobsters, Joe has been an entrepreneur since childhood. His grit, perseverance, and drive helped him build up multiple successful businesses before he broke his way into one of America’s top universities and took his success to Wall Street where he continued to thrive. Despite this track record of making things happen, you’ll know Joe for his most recent global business, the world’s largest obstacle course racing series, Spartan Race. It seems like Joe finds a way to turn everything he touches… continue reading.

Mind, Money, Mastery with Luka Hocevar

Luka Hocevar is an entrepreneur, fitness coach, business coach, and one of the smartest, coolest, and most successful guys I know. There is no one on the planet who is able to absorb, implement, and spread knowledge like this guy, and today, he is here on the podcast to answer your questions on personal development, leadership, relationships, and financial success. He has built some of the most impactful fitness businesses I have ever seen and he is a true master of learning, communication, coaching. Most importantly, he never loses sight of making a difference in people’s lives, and… continue reading.

Rob Van Dam on Pro Wrestling Biz, Fitness, & Alternative Medicine

The high-flying, risk-taking professional wrestling legend, Mr. Monday Night aka The Whole F’n Show, Rob Van Dam is today’s guest on the Renegade Radio podcast. Rob is the only wrestler in history to have held the WWE Championship, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (including holding the WWE and ECW World titles simultaneously within WWE). In 2002, Van Dam was ranked the number one wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. In addition to listing those accolades I… continue reading.

Shoulder Training, The Dark Side of Fat Loss & How To Get Paid

Everyone wants to get #ripped. It’s all over magazine covers, internet ads, and your instagram feed. What’s the cost? Look, I am all about getting in great shape and love nothing more than watching people dominate their performance and body comp goals. But when it takes a turn from healthy to unhealthy, I gotta speak up. Too many people out there let this unrelenting obsession with being shredded take control of their lives. You start chasing numbers on the scale, check the mirror 5 times per day, and critique your body fat levels as if you’re a supermodel… continue reading.

Optimizing Gut Health & Digestion With Wade Lightheart

I’ve made it my mission to simplify nutrition. To destroy the myths that convince you getting in shape requires sacrificing your lifestyle. In today’s episode I’m joined Wade Lightheart, a plant-based, natural bodybuilder, and an expert on eating for health, performance and longevity. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on how to eat and train for supreme health and vitality. In today’s episode Wade and I sit down to discuss things such as the high-protein myth, and the diet to look and feel better than ever. Also, be sure to check out Wade’s awesome product Masszymes. I’ve used and recommended… continue reading.

How To Win With Matt Mayberry

It’s not everyday you meet a guy obsessed with Walter Payton and hill sprints the way I am. So, when I heard Matt Mayberry may share the same passions as the other members of the Renegade Nation, I got excited to sit down with him.   Matt Mayberry is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and performance strategist. A former Indiana University and Chicago Bears linebacker, Matt is one of the most widely-read columnists forEntrepreneur.com, where he writes on peak performance, overcoming adversity, leadership, and motivation. Matt’s work has been featured on ESPN, Forbes, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Fox Business,… continue reading.

How to Build Great Relationships, Make Your Abs Pop, and Achieve Life Mastery

I’m a firm believer in taking lessons from sports and applying them to life success. Some of the most profound life lessons come from athletes like Walter Payton, Mike Tyson, and Bruce Lee. You often hear coaches tell their players to work on their weaknesses. I’ve told plenty of my athletes to work on their’s. Does the same principle apply to the rest of your life? No. Working on your weaknesses can be an enormous waste of time, especially in business. Of course, if you’re a mean, miserable person, that’s a weakness that you need to work on. But if you suck… continue reading.

Steroids in Sports, Medical Marijuana Benefits & Living Lean

The title of this one says it all. Jack and I go through everything from training and performance, to medical marijuana, problems with social media, pop culture, and the use of steroids in professional athletics. This episode is guaranteed to give you some good laughs and practical takeaways for improving your life. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, crank up some old school hip hop, sit back, and enjoy this episode of Renegade Radio.  If you only have a couple minutes, you definitely don’t want to miss the… continue reading.

How to Build Confidence, Unlock Your Full Potential, and Live a Fulfilled Life

“We live in a society that’s the same as waking up on Las Vegas Blvd.” – Mike DeSanti This is the age of opportunity. It has never been easier to connect with people and live life on your own terms. But with that freedom comes distraction, endless stimuli, and an onslaught of  requests that try to pull you in thousands of directions at once. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, text messages, emails, huge billboards, loud advertising, hacks, tips, tricks. All of them clamoring for your attention. All of them ready to steal you focus and throw you off track. How… continue reading.

Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Health With Yuri Elkaim

Simplicity is the foundation of the Renegade Principles on training, nutrition, and life. We can all resonate with the clarity and relief that comes when you peel away the inessential to expose simplicity. Yet, we still gravitate towards complexity because of the false sense of satisfaction it provides. You feel like you’re doing something because you’re thinking so much. “If I can just figure out the best way to get shredded as fast as possible, then I can start taking action.” Your mental effort makes you feel like you’re making progress when, in reality, you’re paralyzed. continue reading.

Intermittent Fasting Issues, Optimizing Your Nutrition & Losing Belly Fat

To optimize your performance, you gotta be willing to do whatever it takes. If there’s any question about whether or not something is going to hold you back, cut it out. This especially applies to your nutrition. I don’t care what any study says about food quality or the fact that a calorie is a calorie. Mentally masturbating over that stuff does nothing but keep you from accepting the fact that taking your health and performance to the next level requires real work, real sacrifice, and real discipline. Think about the lack of control you have… continue reading.

Street Workouts 101 With Danny Kavadlo

I believe you should surround yourself with people who back up words with actions, and always look to improve, grow, and make a positive impact. People like today’s podcast guest, Danny Kavadlo. Danny is a renowned expert in the field of bodyweight training and calisthenics, and one of the most entertaining, engaging, and all around cool dudes I know. He balances a New York attitude and a rebellious vibe with an evolved, introspective approach to the way he trains and lives. Every time Danny and I get a chance to chat, I walk away with a new perspective… continue reading.

How to Have the Best Workout Ever

Training is a skill. You improve with time, dedication, and practice. Progress comes in both the amount of weight you lift and the quality of your movement. Let me watch two guys of equal strength train together, and I can tell you who has been at it longer. There is just something about the way he lifts that screams experience. Over time, that experience leads to more effective workouts and better results. How to properly work up to a top end set, how heavy your sets should feel, and how fast your reps should look. All of those o details play a critical role in… continue reading.