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Leo Babauta on Minimalism, Productivity and Creating Positive Habits

Leo Babuta, the best selling author of The Power of Less, sat down with Alli and I to discuss minimalism, productivity, how to establish positive habits and so much more. This weeks podcast was brought to you by Onnit, Total Human Optimization. Go to Onnit.com/Renegade to get 10% off your entire order.   Today’s Topics Include: How Leo turned his life upside down The biggest reason why people fail to keep their habits How spending less time on social media can actually increase your following Leo shares his social media strategy How to create truly great content Leo’s daily… continue reading.

Nate Miyaki on High Performance Nutrition

Nutrition expert, trainer, and former professional wrestler Nate Miyaki joins the Renegade Radio podcast this week. Topics of discussion include: Nate’s approach to intermittent fasting. His Paleo plus starch plan. How many meals per day he recommends. The truth about meal timing. What the latest nutrition research has shown. If any of it has made Nate rethink his approach. Why your diet plan has to be practical. Is white rice better than brown? Is there any difference in the approach a physique competitor would take vs an average person? How does the approach change when gaining muscle is the main… continue reading.

Overcome Resistance, Increase Productivity, Live Sustainably, and Pull Wacky Pranks with John Alvino

In this episode Jay has fitness pro, John Alvino on for a WrestleMania XXX recap, a discussion about sustainable living, productivity, training, nutrition, personal struggles and recaps of past pranks.       Highlights include:     The Ultimate Warrior’s HOF induction and shocking death     Thoughts on the Undertaker’s streak ending      Sustainable living and the choices we all have to make     Why Jay always wanted to be like the Fonz but decided against it     Jay’s favorite productivity boosting app     What Jay and John’s current workouts and diets look like     Why no one hangs out… continue reading.

Renegade Radio – Episode 01

This is the first ever episode of Renegade Radio. Jay keeps it short and sweet in this one with an intro of what the podcast will be all about, what you can expect and what kind of guests he’ll be talking to teach week. Also included in this weeks episode: •    What Jay’s been up to •    The next evolution of his career •    His next big project •    His semi “mid life crisis” last fall •    Why he decided to get braces at age 39 and how that’s working out •    What… continue reading.