Renegade Radio – Episode 01

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Renegade Radio

This is the first ever episode of Renegade Radio.

Jay keeps it short and sweet in this one with an intro of what the podcast will be all about, what you can expect and what kind of guests he’ll be talking to teach week.

Also included in this weeks episode:

•    What Jay’s been up to
•    The next evolution of his career
•    His next big project
•    His semi “mid life crisis” last fall
•    Why he decided to get braces at age 39 and how that’s working out
•    What he’s got in common with Tony Soprano
•    His “lifestyle approach” to nutrition
•    His self torture
•    Why he can’t stand people with no passion
•    How his training’s been going
•    What simple phrase on a voicemail scares the shit out of him and stops his heart

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