Overcome Resistance, Increase Productivity, Live Sustainably, and Pull Wacky Pranks with John Alvino

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

RenRadioStoryPromos500ALVINOIn this episode Jay has fitness pro, John Alvino on for a WrestleMania XXX recap, a discussion about sustainable living, productivity, training, nutrition, personal struggles and recaps of past pranks.




Highlights include:

  •     The Ultimate Warrior’s HOF induction and shocking death
  •     Thoughts on the Undertaker’s streak ending
  •      Sustainable living and the choices we all have to make
  •     Why Jay always wanted to be like the Fonz but decided against it
  •     Jay’s favorite productivity boosting app
  •     What Jay and John’s current workouts and diets look like
  •     Why no one hangs out anymore
  •     Making more money versus having more life experiences & better relationships
  •     Why John removed voice mail from his phone
  •     Some of the biggest struggles in John’s life that he is always working to overcome
  •     Some of their favorite pranks


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