How Food Stopped Being Food

On today’s podcast, we’ve got author and food researcher, Fred Kaufman. Fred has written about the global food crisis, GMO’s and the economics of international food production for The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker and many other publications. Fred is a brilliant guy and brings a different look at food production on the local, national and global level. This episode will definitely make you think twice about what goes in your grocery cart. Today’s Podcast Topics Include: Why the price of wheat ensures national stability How the lack of regulation in financial markets impacts food production The origins… continue reading.

12 Rules To Live By With Craig Ballantyne

One of the greatest things about having a podcast is that I get to shine the spotlight on some amazing people. Last week, I caught up with my long time friend, Craig Ballantyne. Many people don’t know it but Craig was instrumental in helping me get started with my online career over a decade ago. Today, he runs multiple companies, is a sought after speaker and a personal development icon. He achieves more in the first four hours of his day than many can do in twelve. How, you ask? We discuss all that and more on this episode of… continue reading.

What Scares The Sh*t Out Of Me

On the latest episode of The Jay Ferruggia, my buddy Kenny Johnson and I sat down to answer your questions. As much as I love having guests on the show, I must admit that helping you guys directly is my favorite part. As long as you keep having questions I will keep answering them. If I don’t get to your question the first time around I will do my best to get to it in future episodes. Unless proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization is missing from your email. I can’t get down with that. Today’s Podcast Topics… continue reading.

Pro Wrestling Superstar, John Morrison on His Wrestling Career, Fitness Routine & More

Former WWE tag team and Intercontinental champion and ECW world heavyweight champion, John Morrison is today’s guest. He’s known for his incredible feats of athleticism in the ring and also for always being in amazing shape. He is currently wrestling for Lucha Underground, which can be seen on the El Rey Network. John is also a working actor, having appeared in numerous films, shorts and TV shows over the last few years. In addition to that John is a good friend of mine and one hell of a solid dude. Note: Heel = bad guy. Baby face = good guy… continue reading.

10 Things I Have To Do Every Day

I’m a big fan of routine and daily rituals. Flying by the seat of my pants stresses me out. I find freedom in discipline and sameness. It helps me accomplish more and it eases my mind. In this episode, I break down the ten things I have to do every day to feel completely fulfilled. Some of them are related to productivity. Others have more to do with relationships. And a few are just for general overall health. Mind, body and spirit. The importance of paying equal attention each day to “the four pillars” is often overlooked. Many people just… continue reading.

Healing Your Body With Jill Miller

On today’s show, we’ve got best selling author Jill Miller. Jill is the creator of the corrective exercise format Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model® Method. As one of the foremost experts on mobility and wellness, Jill is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, and pain-management. Jill’s own story of going from a short chubby middle schooler to a yoga knotted fanatic and then on to finding balance has so many great lessons in it. She was dropping knowledge bombs left and right that everyone could benefit from. I encourage… continue reading.

Why Sleep Matters, With Dan Pardi

On today’s show, we’ve got sleep researcher, Dan Pardi. In addition to the obvious effects, Dan breaks down all of the unseen physiological and behavioral consequences of not getting enough sleep. Quick note: If you haven’t already, please take a minute to help us decide the winner of the 2014 Renegade Strength Club Fat Loss contest. The winner will receive an all-expense paid vacation to sunny Santa Monica. Voting has now ended. Thank you for participating.   Today’s Podcast Topics Include: Why learning good information won’t change behavior The Loop Model The value of feedback from fitness coaching Should you… continue reading.

How to Read Faster, Eliminate Man Boobs, and The Hazards of Baby Making

I’m back this week with another listener Q&A session. My team is getting over 50 questions a day from listeners so I decided that we would get through as many as possible today. We covered everything from my latest sex related injury to gluten intolerance to  protein shakes to man boobs. Take a listen and be sure to drop me a line and tell me what you thought on Twitter @JasonFerruggia. Today’s Podcast Topics Include: Why isn’t my improv class all about me, damn it!? When baby making gets dangerous The New England Patriots “Deflategate” Current artists with an… continue reading.

Bodyweight Training Mastery with Al Kavadlo

Over the last few years Al Kavadlo has become known as one of the top go-to experts in the world when it comes to bodyweight training. If you want to get in great shape using nothing but chins, dips and squats then Al is your man. If you want to master advanced moves like the flag, the muscle up and the human flag, Al has you covered. If you’ve been following my stuff for a while you know that I am a huge fan of bodyweight training and include it in all of my programs. So I was pretty excited… continue reading.

Fixing Your Metabolism & The Truth About Carbs w/ Nate Miyaki

Kenny (@CoachKJKnows) and I are back dropping lines and spitting rhymes in another power packed episode. With the nationally televised Hannah Storm stiff arm last week, we thought we would highlight our favorite outbursts of all time. Last week I posted a picture on my Instagram feed that got a lot of questions. I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain why I’m finally fixing my broken metabolism and doubling down on carbs. On the flip side of today’s episode, we welcome back our favorite Hawaiian, Nate Miyaki. (@NateMiyaki) We talk carbs and cut through… continue reading.

Biz Advice, Training Tips & Hip Hop

I’ve been doing the podcast for a while now and I can honestly say I have never had more fun on an episode. My good buddy, Kenny Johnson, stopped by to join me on this week’s Q&A. You sent in a ton of questions so we decided to run a Q&A every week. This week we discussed the passing of the original Renegade Stuart Scott, business advice for offline and online marketing, supplements, meditation and my definitive answer on gluten in your diet. Take a listen and be sure to drop me a line and tell me what you… continue reading.

Why You Need to Make Oral Health a Top Priority

On this episode of the Jay Ferruggia show we’ve got Will Revak from OraWellness.com discussing the importance of oral health. We talked about everything from gum disease, the truth about fluoride, toothbrushes, flossing and why the mouth is the gateway for all diseases. We also discussed the link from gum disease to heart disease and how oral health affects your digestive and immune system. Most people overlook their oral health and just give their teeth a quick once over. Many skip flossing. And just about everyone will put off a trip to the dentist. Hopefully that will change after… continue reading.

Upgrade Your Mindset and Get Sh*t Done

In this episode of The Jay Ferruggia Show, I sat down with BioHacking expert, Ameer Rosic. After a life of crime and drug peddling landed him in jail, Ameer did a complete 180 and transformed everything about himself. He now consults some of the most successful entrepreneurs. Today’s conversation spanned the topics of human psychology, success creation, ongoing education, how to really get shit done and more… Take a listen and be sure to drop me a line and tell me what you thought on Twitter @JasonFerruggia. Today’s Podcast Topics Include: Ameer’s jail bound inception Why 85% of lottery… continue reading.

Why Low Carb Diets & Food Sensitivity Tests Don’t Work

In this episode of The Jay Ferruggia Show I answer your questions on training, nutrition, business, goal setting, hip hop and give my Super Bowl predictions. You sent them in via Twitter, Facebook and email and I am responding right here, right now. Just hit the play button below or head on over to iTunes so you can hear my thoughts on the following questions. And, if you have any questions you want answered on future episodes, or have a follow up to anything discussed in this episode please let me know in the… continue reading.

Paleo Nutrition: Chris Kresser Shows You How to Get Healthy

Today we have a throwback episode of The Jay Ferruggia Show. This was recorded earlier in 2014, before we officially started the show. As such it was previously only available to listen to if you were a member of The Renegade Strength Club. But now we’re posting the entire thing here for all of you guys to listen to (or read the full transcript below if you prefer).   Today’s Podcast Topics Include: The importance of optimizing your gut health Can gluten really cause depression? The power of supplemental prebiotics How to optimize your testosterone to… continue reading.