Eric Cressey On Training, Avoiding Injuries, and Building a Successful Business

Nothing makes me happier than seeing friends succeed. The journey of improving yourself, building a successful business, and creating a life you’re proud of can be long and tiring. But having inspiring people around you serves as the most potent source of motivation. Today’s guest, Eric Cressey, is one of those people. Eric is a highly respected strength & conditioning expert who has made a name for himself in the world of fitness and baseball training. President and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, Eric has worked with countless athletes all the way up to the professional and Olympic levels. continue reading.

Tim Ferriss on Accelerated Learning and Becoming Superhuman

You’re putting too much stock in talent. Don’t get me wrong, to make it to the absolute elite level of the NFL or NBA, you need a certain amount of natural ability. But when it comes to the goals 99% of people pursue, the importance of talent is a myth. Thousands have proved this, including myself. Let me make it clear. I was born a nitwit. I had horrible people skills, didn’t understand business, and was a skinny runt. But by reading the right books, associating with the essential mentors, and drilling the most high-yield habits, I’ve focused my way… continue reading.

The Evolution of Jay Ferruggia: Past, Present, and Future

“Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions.” – Rowdy Roddy Piper Things get flipped upside down this week as I let my good buddy, Craig Ballantyne, interview me on my personal development throughout the course of our friendship. I leave no topic untouched as Craig pulls out the stories and thought processes behind my growth over the past two decades. We dive into the critical factors behind Renegade’s growth, the ways I keep my marriage and friendships healthy, and the strategies I use to maintain balance. You’ll notice we all go through the same… continue reading.

Strength Circuits, Carb Cycling, & Daily Self Improvement

People often say, “Anyone can do anything.” I’ve said it. But is this really true? It’s a harsh reality to accept, but some of us have opportunities others never will. Success, happiness, financial security: these can all stem from opportunities many people never see. But you do. You see them every day. It’s no secret that once you make enough money, more does not equal more happiness. The same is true for opportunity and success. Once you hit a certain amount of resources, a lack of opportunity does not hold you back. You hold yourself back. You decide you have… continue reading.

Craig Ballantyne On The 5 Pillars of a Highly Successful Life

If you want to get better, surround yourself with the right people. Never be the smartest person in the room. It hinders your growth. Living by these concepts allows me to interact with some of the sharpest minds in the fitness business, including today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne. A Men’s Health Magazine Training Expert and my long-time friend, Craig runs multiple mastermind groups and is part of some of the world’s most highly acclaimed online business seminars. Over the years, Craig has helped me become more productive, get focused and make more money, and today, he’s here to do the same for you. After the… continue reading.

Deadlifts, Daily Goals, & Eating For Fat Loss

What’s up, Renegades? I’m coming at you for another Q&A episode with more thoughts on training, business, and life. One thing I noticed is how much these answers reflect changes in my mindset. For example, you guys wanted to know my stance on deadlifts for size, strength, and athletic performance. What I think today is very different from what I did ten years ago. The same goes for the way I handle money and approach my day-to-day goals. Muhammad Ali has a great quote that summarizes… continue reading.

World Record Holder, AJ Roberts on His Secrets to Training & Business Success

If you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards. My buddy, and today’s guest, AJ Roberts is always on the move onward and upward. A former World Record holding powerlifter, AJ has been inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame and has years of experience leading 7-figure businesses. His list of accomplishments looks like that of three people put together. Why? He never stops climbing to the top. Neither should you. As soon as you reach a new level, look for the next way up. Whether it’s networking, coming up with ideas, setting goals, or getting out of your comfort zone,… continue reading.

Sustainability, Healthy Living, & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

You must strive to make the world a better place. Doing so comes from improving yourself and the environment. Being a fit, smart, high-performing human is awesome. But at what expense? If you leave a trail of pollution and an enormous carbon footprint, are you making a positive impact? Seek to combine your ideal lifestyle with eco-friendly choices. To help you with this, health and wellness expert, Gillian Mandich, is here to talk sustainable living. A Yoga TuneUp Coach and former fitness competitor, Gillian is currently pursuing her PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science. She also hosts a successful… continue reading.

My Current Diet, Overcoming Social Anxiety, and Starting Your Own Blog

I used to have crippling social anxiety. I was shy, couldn’t talk to people, and was a horrible communicator. But that could not be further from the person I am today. Whenever you feel this anxiety around interactions, you tend to think about how horrible things are for you. “Why do I have to be so shy? I hate it.” And beyond the emotional distress, you will never forge meaningful relationships. As bad as it is for you, it’s just as bad for the people you interact with. If you bring this anxiety to the conversation, there will be nothing… continue reading.

Brad Pilon Part 2: Training, Business Success, And Happiness

Brad Pilon and I continue our discussion as the conversation shifts away from The Protein Myth and Intermittent Fasting and towards training, business and happiness. Not only does Brad have a wealth of knowledge on all things fitness and nutrition, but he has also built an incredibly successful online business while staying true to his values. In addition to telling you about his recent thoughts on training, Brad was kind enough to share some valuable lessons on productivity and personal development. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for Brad, and this conversation has only added to… continue reading.

The 1 Thing, My Rap Career, & Is Your Spouse Holding You Back

The only way to reach your full potential is to simplify your focus. Here’s how you’ll do it. Write down all of your responsibilities. I mean everything you do on a weekly basis. Go down that list and cross off all that you can outsource. Chip away at the list so that you only have one thing you focus on each of the 4 pillars: Your personal development Your physical training Your business Your relationships You may think you have to do tons of little duties each week. False. We live in the digital age of connection. There are dozens… continue reading.

Matt McGorry of “How To Get Away With Murder.” TV Star With A 576 Pound Deadlift

Before he appeared on the Netflix hit series, Orange is the New Black, or ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder… And certainly well before he ever stepped on the Oscars red carpet, Matt McGorry was a respected fitness trainer in New York City. He competed in powerlifting, with a best deadlift of 576 at 198 pounds, and got completely shredded for a bodybuilding contest. At the age of 28, Matt has hustled and worked his way to great success in two different industries. That’s something anyone can respect. I’ve had known Matt for a while but hadn’t talked to… continue reading.

Brad Pilon On The Protein Myth & The Truth About Intermittent Fasting

I’m always looking for the best diet to optimize health, performance, mental clarity, and body composition. Over the years, I’ve had countless conversations with trusted nutrition experts about the best way to eat, and today’s guest, Brad Pilon, is at the top of my list. Brad is the author of industry leading books like Eat Stop Eat and How Much Protein, and has devoted his career to helping people take a simple, effective approach to fat loss and muscle gain It’s always an information packed conversation when Brad is around, so you won’t want to miss this two-part… continue reading.

Why I Train, Pre Workout Warm Ups, & Optimal Frequency

In this latest episode, I’m back with another listener Q&A. I appreciate everyone who reached out with feedback on their preferred length of the show. Most of you said you liked them around 30 minutes long. I’ll mix it up a bit from time to time but we will try to keep them shorter for you. Today, I discuss the single most important reason why I train, a simple pre workout warm up routine that will bulletproof you against injuries and enhance your performance. Today’s Podcast Topics Include: A simple pre-workout warmup that will enhance your performance and bulletproof you… continue reading.

1 Way to Learn Anything, 6 Things to Do Before Breakfast, & Does Fruit Make You Fat?

We’re back with another listener Q&A episode of the Jay Ferruggia Show. On this podcast I delve a little deeper into the recent Breakthrough weekend that went down in Santa Monica, discuss a rarely discussed way of learning and improving retention and talk some training and nutrition. Today’s Podcast Topics Include: The best thing about attending a Renegade Breakthrough weekend The #1 way to learn anything My biggest takeaway from the Breakthrough event Does fruit really make you fat? 6 things you must do every morning to ensure success How to adjust your diet for maintenance mode My favorite Pearl… continue reading.