10 Tips For Building Bigger Lats You Need to Know

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Most people have a hard time feeling their lats. Thus, they have a hard time developing those muscles and building an impressive back.

If that describes you here are 7 tips to help you out:

1) Lighten The Weight
Most people go to heavy on all of their back exercises.

2) Slow Down Your Reps
Focus on feeling the lats contract every inch of the way up and down. Don’t let momentum take over.

3) Hold Each Rep For 3 Seconds in the Contracted Position
Squeeze and really focus on feeling every muscle.

4) Do Front Lever Iso Holds First
Before any sets of rows or chins do 4 sets of 10-second holds to activate the lats.

5) Do Pulldowns Instead of Chins Until You Start to Feel Your Lats
Most people are too weak to do chins properly. Pulldowns will allow you to use less than your bodyweight and focus on feeling the muscle instead of just flailing up and down on a bar.

6) Do More Volume
The back can tolerate a lot of work. Train it 2-3 times per week with multiple sets and reps until you start to develop the mind-muscle connection you need.

7) Do the Partner Activation Drill First
Put your arm overhead. Bend your elbow 90 degrees. Have a partner put their hand on your triceps muscle (back of your arm) and provide resistance. Drive down into their hand. This will teach you what it feels like to activate the lats. Try to keep this in mind and do it when performing your reps.

Let me know how those work out for you.

I cover those plus 3 other tips in the latest episode of The Jay Ferruggia Show.

In addition, I discuss:

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  • How to reduce inflammation and bounce back from injuries
  • My favorite recovery methods
  • And why foam rolling sucks

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