Eric Cressey On Training, Avoiding Injuries, and Building a Successful Business

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

cresseyNothing makes me happier than seeing friends succeed.

The journey of improving yourself, building a successful business, and creating a life you’re proud of can be long and tiring. But having inspiring people around you serves as the most potent source of motivation. Today’s guest, Eric Cressey, is one of those people.

Eric is a highly respected strength & conditioning expert who has made a name for himself in the world of fitness and baseball training. President and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, Eric has worked with countless athletes all the way up to the professional and Olympic levels. He also heads two elite training facilities while running a successful online training business.

Coming into the training world at the young age of 20, Eric’s ups and downs through the years have given him a textbook of lessons on running a business, creating training programs, and balancing the demands of family, career, and personal development.

Eric joins the show today to spread the knowledge he has acquired.

Whether you’re an over 35 trainee looking to stay strong, healthy, and awesome, or are a personal trainer looking to take your business to the next level, you’ll walk away from this one with tons of great info. Tune in to get the inside scoop from one of the world’s most sought after sports performance experts.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • 1:46: Eric’s rise through the ranks and breakthrough into online training
  • 5:02: The beginnings of Eric’s niche in the baseball world
  • 6:22: The new Cressey Performance Facility in sunny Florida
  • 9:48: How Eric handles his athletes while they are in season or waiting for the draft
  • 10:32: The first thing to focus on when you open your own training business
  • 12:34: Are you really meant to be an entrepreneur?
  • 14:21: Early mistakes Eric made running his business
  • 15:50: The importance of knowing your strengths of those of the people around you
  • 17:05: Eric’s (skinny) business partner and their first business plan
  • 19:35: 3 tips for leveraging your early days as an entrepreneur
  • 20:35: Should you be a meathead?
  • 21:20: Eric’s thoughts on the limits of a strength coach
  • 26:33: Explosive training and Olympic lifts
  • 29:35: Overhead pressing in baseball athletes?
  • 31:13: What should the average 35 year old do for safe, consistent training?
  • 33:40: Has Eric’s training changed with age?
  • 37:02: Tips for maintaining shoulder health while surfing
  • 39:32: In what areas has Eric changed his training thoughts?
  • 41:04: Daily rituals of a family man
  • 44:20: Super sets: are they really magical?
  • 45:11: Jay’s early career lessons for Eric
  • 47:13: Rapid fire: Favorite books, top 3 exercises, last meals, and training music
  • 49:30: Eric’s advice to his 20 year old self

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