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Strength Circuits, Carb Cycling, & Daily Self Improvement

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strength circuitsPeople often say, “Anyone can do anything.” I’ve said it. But is this really true?

It’s a harsh reality to accept, but some of us have opportunities others never will. Success, happiness, financial security: these can all stem from opportunities many people never see.

But you do. You see them every day.

It’s no secret that once you make enough money, more does not equal more happiness. The same is true for opportunity and success. Once you hit a certain amount of resources, a lack of opportunity does not hold you back.

You hold yourself back.

You decide you have to read thousands of self-help books, and over-analyze into oblivion. Never taking action. You convince yourself you have to train for two hours a day and feel too overwhelmed to ever start. Never achieving your goals.

There you sit, telling yourself all the reasons you can’t.

That’s trying to do too much. When you take on that load, you choose quantity over quality.

Instead of reading a thousand books, master 12. Instead of putzing around the gym for 2 hours, hit a 30 min. strength circuit. Instead of forcing yourself into an unrealistic nutrition plan, follow a system that lets you stay lean and enjoy life.

While it’s true that not everyone can do anything. You can. Simplify and quit holding yourself back.

Tune in to today’s episode for more on these ideas and a host of other topics.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • 0:53: The new Fast & Furious Workout
  • 3:22: Strength gains without size gains
  • 5:08: What’s new with Jay’s weed game?
  • 5:57: Incline treadmill or calf raises?
  • 6:55: Mobility exercises for a 40 year old
  • 8:48: Jay’s most recent inspirational read, and can you really do anything?
  • 11:35: Pacquiao vs Mayweather.
  • 12:02: The effects of improv on day-to-day interactions
  • 13:55: What’s up with the Renegade Diet 2.0?
  • 14:17: What if you can’t fix your temperature and metabolism?
  • 15:16: How much self-improvement material is too much?
  • 18:52: Jay’s tips for ankle mobility.
  • 20:48: The optimal temperature for a high metabolism
  • 21:10: Jay’s strategies for staying lean while enjoying life.
  • 25:10: How much should you eat to gain muscle while losing fat?
  • 26:34: Nutrition changes for AM training?
  • 27:45: Jay’s recommendations for training clothes.
  • 28:14: Do you need an expensive coffee maker?
  • 29:14: The best spots in the Southern California beach scene

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