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Pro Wrestling Superstar, John Morrison on His Wrestling Career, Fitness Routine & More

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Podcast

john morrisonFormer WWE tag team and Intercontinental champion and ECW world heavyweight champion, John Morrison is today’s guest. He’s known for his incredible feats of athleticism in the ring and also for always being in amazing shape.

He is currently wrestling for Lucha Underground, which can be seen on the El Rey Network. John is also a working actor, having appeared in numerous films, shorts and TV shows over the last few years.

In addition to that John is a good friend of mine and one hell of a solid dude.

Note: Heel = bad guy. Baby face = good guy

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • John’s background as an athlete
  • What made him give pro wrestling a shot
  • His Tough Enough experience
  • Training in Ohio Valley
  • How he got the name Nitro, and what Vince McMahon thought of it
  • His days as a part of the MNM tag team
  • His favorite opponents
  • Feuding with CM Punk
  • His traveling buddies and who he still stays in touch with regularly
  • Favorite places to wrestle
  • Who he learned the most from
  • His tag team days with The Miz
  • The “spot of the decade”
  • How get got started with parkour
  • His favorite wrestlers as a kid
  • Why he left WWE in 2011
  • Funny stories from the road
  • His fitness routine and diet
  • His acting career
  • And the question on everyone’s mind- will he return to WWE?

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