12 Rules To Live By With Craig Ballantyne

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

craigbOne of the greatest things about having a podcast is that I get to shine the spotlight on some amazing people. Last week, I caught up with my long time friend, Craig Ballantyne.

Many people don’t know it but Craig was instrumental in helping me get started with my online career over a decade ago.

Today, he runs multiple companies, is a sought after speaker and a personal development icon. He achieves more in the first four hours of his day than many can do in twelve. How, you ask? We discuss all that and more on this episode of The Jay Ferruggia Show.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • A typical workout for CB
  • The benefit of waking early every day
  • Craig’s “Pext” messages
  • The importance of a daily ritual
  • Why the perfect day doesn’t happen without a perfect start
  • The fallacy of having to check your email first thing each morning
  • How you are stealing time away from your family
  • Mastering the three parts of every day
  • Craig’s personal training breakdown
  • The anxiety-improper breathing connection
  • Breaking out of an introverted shell
  • How storytelling can make anyone a great speaker
  • 12 Rules To Live By
  • The #1 way to get ahead at work
  • The power of being vulnerable and opening yourself up

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